A short intermission


Hi all,
A lot of wonderful things going on in my life!

I have moved out of Japan after having lived there for 30 years, and I am slowly on my way to live in Thailand for at least a year. I will be up in the mountains in Chiang Rai, and hosting friends, students, and other guests.

But I am taking the long way around…

Went to Wash DC for a week for work, and now I have spent the last week in Istanbul. Have a look on the Seishindo Facebook page and you can see a few pictures. Wow, there is so much history and culture in this part of the world. Makes me wish I had studied history in school like I was supposed to!

Next, I leave for Israel and the West Bank tomorrow, and perhaps a short stay in Jordan as well. This part of my trip is especially exciting me, and I am expecting to learn a lot.

After that, back to Istanbul, but likely for just a day, and then on to Bangkok and finally Chiang Rai, to my new home, which is quite lovely.

So… I have decided to take a short intermission and restart the newsletter again in about a month, which will probably be around the beginning of July. I trust that none of you will be too overly lonely during this time period! And if you are, you can always send me an email and I will reply and say “Hello” from wherever I am.

When I start back in again I will be rested and relaxed and I will have new insights to share with you. Several podcasts on stress management are already queued up and ready to go upon my return.

So… perhaps you might also like to take a short intermission in your own life, and think about what you will be doing going forward. Nothing better than slowing down and becoming mindful. All of which reminds me… If you are in transition in most any way, you will find wonderful resources offered by my friend and colleague Jacinta Hin. You can access her site by going here- http://www.jacintahin.com/.

You can also read past newsletters we have on our site (dating all the way back to 2007) by going here:

Blessings to all of you, and as my journey continues I hope you will keep traveling with me.

In Community,

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