About Membership at Seishindo.org

Most of the information on our website is available without registering with us (we would conservatively estimate at least 90% or more of the pages are accessible without registration or purchasing premium content).

At the moment, there are only two areas of the site which would require you to log in with an email and password:

  • Posting messages and replying to messages in the Forums. Our Community Forums is a place where you can interact, share, and connect with others and express your thoughts and ideas on almost any topic. You are free to read all the posts without registering at all. However, in order to ensure a high quality and safe experience in the Forums, we require you to register with us, which is absolutely free.
  • Purchasing Premium Content. Currently, we are offering the Traditional Japanese Stress Management Program for a nominal fee. In order to access this content, you would need to register with our site which happens as part of the checkout process when you purchase premium content.

So that’s it. If you want to participate in the Forums or purchase premium content, you’ll need to register with us.

Note that if you want to receive our newsletter, you will need to register your name and email separately to the above due to the third party system we use to send out email newsletters.

Our objective is to give our visitors the best experience possible when learning about Seishindo, and we only require information from you when it helps to benefit you and other guests.