My book

Pure Heart, Simple Mind

Pure Heart, Simple Mind

This book is collection of wisdom stories from an ex-New Yorker (Me!) who lived in Japan more than 30 years.

It draws on my many years of teaching and coaching clients in diverse disciplines such as (Aikido, Noguchi Sei Tai, NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Mindfulness, Self-relations Psychotherapy).

One reviewer wrote:
Pure Heart, Simple Mind is filled with humor, keen insight, and a deep respect for the fragility and strength of the human spirit. If you have an interest in Japanese culture, cross-cultural issues, appreciating the many fine people you meet, and mindfulness, you will find find this book of great value. It is the artful simplicity of the stories that helps to reveal the heart and soul of the Japanese people.

The book has a 5 star rating on Amazon!

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