The Meaning of Seishindo

seishindo characters

In my years of study and practice, and in my everyday life, I’ve had the opportunity to experience the importance of ‘purity’ and ‘simplicity’.

I began to realize the physical reactions we have when faced with challenges, lead to the beliefs we have about ourselves and the circumstances we face. That the body, is wise beyond compare. These experiences became the starting point for the human potential discipline I created, called Seishindo.

Here’s an explanation of the kanji (Japanese pictograms) that make up the word.

"sei" character in seishindo
The first kanji is “Sei.” The most basic meaning for “sei” is refined, but the meaning extends to spirit, energy, vitality, semen, purity, excellence, and skill. In Seishindo, it means refined and pure.

"shin" character in seishindo
The middle kanji is “Shin.” The meanings of “shin” are spirit, heart (in the metaphorical sense), and mind. If you ask a Japanese person where their mind is, they will point to their chest. Combining this with the first kanji, “Sei,” we have the poetic interpretation, pure heart, simple mind.

"do" character in seishindo
“Do” is the third kanji. In everyday parlance it means street, or road. As used in the Japanese arts, “do” means an artful path of study. As in Judo, Aikido, Chado (the tea ceremony), and Shodo (calligraphy).

Seishindo is an artful path of discovering your pure heart and simple mind.

I bring my own pure heart, simple mind to every coaching engagement, as best I can.