Brainstorming new ideas and solving problems using the Walt Disney Creativity Model


Today’s podcast teaches you a strategy that Walt Disney used to come up with some of the many brilliant concepts he hatched over the years.

Walt Disney fascinates me for a number of reasons:

He was a high school dropout and certainly wasn’t successful right from the beginning. He suffered through several business failures and bankruptcy. But he very definitely learned from his early mistakes, and wound up creating a process that fostered not only creativity, but overall business success as well. He came up with a process to turn his dreams into a concrete reality and we will teach you the basics of this process in the podcast.

And I wanted to mention about Disney’s early failures because I think it’s important to note that people who wind up being hugely successful, often achieve their success only after having failed one or more times in the past. It is as if their early failures are like a flu vaccine that inoculates them from making the same mistakes again.

Disney learned something positive from his hardships rather than getting down on himself, and I think this in itself can be a great lesson for all of us.

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The Disney Creativity Model involves exploring new ideas from three different perceptual positions or viewpoints: the viewpoint of a dreamer, the viewpoint of a realist, and the viewpoint of a critic, and then eventually synthesizing these three different perspectives into one workable, successful plan.
The Disney strategy can also lead to not carrying through on a particular project because of any number of factors that show up when using the model.

In everyday life, dreamers, realists, and critics often tend to clash with each other. But in Disney’s strategy, each of these three different kinds of thinking were seen as crucial, utilized, and blended together at some point in the overall process. This was one of the important aspects of Disney’s brilliance. To create magic out of what could have easily been chaos.

Part of the process here involves getting the three different types of thinkers to offer their viewpoints while remaining respectful of the skills that the other members of the team bring to the table, the idea being to find the weaknesses in another person’s thinking, while not equating this with the other person being flawed.

You see, after his early failures Disney realized that relying completely on himself and the great creative ideas he did have was not going to be enough to get the job done. He realized that he needed the input and support of others. This is a wonderful learning. None of us needs to be great at every aspect of the work we are involved in. What we need is to be aware of our weaknesses and get support in those areas. And I think this realization is important in most every relationship. Maybe your spouse is a dreamer, and that might even be what attracted you to them in the first place. But in many instances, dreamers are not great at planning and execution, and that leaves you with a choice. You can either criticize them for their weakness in carrying through with their dreams or you can support them as the person that helps make their dreams more logical and realistic.

So I think that each of us will do well to consider what our strengths are and then ask ourselves what areas we need support in. Once we have done this, then we need to go out and find the people who can best support us. With the help of others we can all be successful, and it is wonderful to realize that we don’t have to go it alone in the world. That is what I mean when I often say, “We each have all the resources necessary to accomplish what we desire, if we call on the help and support of others.”

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