Building better relationships

Today’s podcast will help you learn how to build better relationships, and become a more cooperative, understanding partner. I think this is a need that we all have from time to time. You can build better relationships by learning how to understand and appreciate the perspectives of others. In fact I would say that many of the challenges we face when in relationship are due to the fact that we don’t truly understand the other person, and because of this we wind up judging the person as somehow being “wrong”.

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In Community,

If you have been following our newsletters of late, you know that I recently spent some time in Ecuador and Peru. The trip was rather arduous and also very rewarding. I have included again today, a few pictures from my trip.

On_the_river_2Part of the reason I went to Ecuador was to see if I had interest in moving there. As much as I found the countryside very beautiful, I was left feeling rather lonely. I only know enough Spanish to get in trouble, and since the average “gringo” does not fit into local culture all that easily anyway, I realized that in order to move to Ecuador, I would need to drag at least a couple of friends along with me. Having this realization brought me a new understanding of my life.

For me, having friends to interact with is crucial to my sense of self, and indeed my friends are part of my identity. Is the same perhaps true for you?

Now to be clear, I do have some wonderful friends, but mostly my friends are spread out around the globe, and I desire more than interacting with them via the internet. Realizing this has really changed my thinking about where I would like to move next. Good that I realize this now, rather than moving and feeling lonely afterwards.

More of the riverI have been sitting quietly lately, asking myself, “What do I really want from my life going forward? Who do I really want in my life going forward?” When asking myself such questions I am not at all expecting the “right” answers to quickly pop up, and in fact I find that simply asking myself these questions is comforting. I sit in a state of “not knowing” and realizing that I don’t know is quite alright for me at this time. The important point being that I am asking. I am certain that being present with these questions will little by little lead me where I want to and need to go. Simply taking the time to ask, listen, and feel, is a wonderful gift.

And how about you? Do you take the time to contemplate who you are and what is truly important to you? I hope so, because it can be way too easy to just stay busy and never get around to thinking about such things. As one of my friends likes to say, “I find that I have tended to spend 99% of my life worrying about the 1% of my life that is in front of me now. Instead, by being mindful, I am spending more and more time considering the 99% that has been left unattended for all too long.”

These are my thoughts for today, and I hope these thoughts resonate with you and help you to redirect yourself some. Please have a listen to this week’s podcast and find out about how you can build better relationships. Healthy relationships with friends, loved ones, and colleagues will make your life that much more emotionally fulfilling.

In community,

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