Articles by Stephen Gilligan Ph. D

Stephen Gilligan was a core student of Milton Erickson, and he is the originator of Self Relations therapy. Stephen is a gifted therapist and hypnotherapist, and a world renowned seminar leader. His articles always carry a special heartfelt message.

  • The experience of “negative otherness”: How shall we treat our enemies?

    By Stephen Gilligan Ph. D. Not too long ago, an American psychotherapist invited a Tibetan monk to his home for the weekend. During this time, the therapist did what I guess you do when you invite a Tibetan monk over for the weekend—namely, watch “The Exorcist”, the movie where the actress Linda Blair is possessed by ...

  • The problem is the solution: The principle of sponsorship in psychotherapy

    By Stephen Gilligan Ph. D. Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world – Robert Hunter I. Introduction In the movie “Pleasantville”, two adolescent siblings from the 1990’s find themselves transported into a 1950’s black and white TV sitcom landscape based on the old show “Father Knows Best”. While on the surface everything seems ...

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