Articles by William Spencer

Originally from the UK, William Spencer has lived and worked in Europe, India, the Far East and the Americas. A defining moment for William came in the 1970′s while cycling from England to India. In the northwestern wastes of Iran, where nothing grows or lives, an orange and brown butterfly spontaneously accompanied him across the desert for several days and nights. This remarkable event represents for William the wonder of grace, that unbidden support from the Divine that guides and buoys us all. William is the creator of Whole-System Learning, a system of learning design and facilitation to engage participants’ head, heart and hands. William’s hallmark and personal passion are using innovative and experiential learning methods to increase attention, retention and application of the learning.

  • An Unexpected Gift

    By William Spencer. Last summer, as a 50th birthday gift to myself, I decided to retrace the first part of a bicycle journey I made 28 years ago. That original journey had taken me overland from England through Europe and the Middle East to India. I’ve often contemplated the life-changing experiences from that time, and how ...

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