Corporate Coaching for Improving Performance

Do you realize that numerous people in your organization need a better way to manage stress? Is it your responsibility to provide corporate coaching for your organization?

If so, you might be facing some of the following situations:

  • You have some managers who treat people disrespectfully.
  • There are a number of people in your organization who seem to be stressed out and unable to remain calm and on task.
  • You have a manager who was doing great until they got promoted.
  • You have one or two teams that are mean spirited and divisive.
  • And on top of all that, you’ve likely been tasked to accomplish “more” with less budget!

My colleagues and I have decades of experience as coaches and consultants. We have helped scores of individual professionals and organizations, overcome problems that initially seemed insurmountable. We teach people how to better manage their time, build better relationships, and manage stress.

Chances are we can help you and your organization as well.

But I’m guessing that’s what every coach says! So instead of needing to take us at our word, you can learn more by taking any or all of the following actions-

1. Experience to our free preview of one of our programs right here on our website and get a first-hand experience of how Seishindo can help people in your organization reduce their stress. If you find our program useful, I would be happy to talk to you and discuss how you can offer this program to all of your employees.

2. Download the Seishindo white paper entitled The High Cost of Turnover. This paper takes a detailed look at the full spectrum of costs involved in replacing people rather than coaching them.

3. Register your email address with us to receive the Seishindo twice monthly newsletterPure Heart, Simple Mind”. The newsletter will give you insight into my thinking.

4. Read our testimonials about my coaching.

5. Have a no-obligation strategy session with me. I won’t try and “sell” you. Promise! What I will attempt to do is help you strategize what steps you likely need to take to improve the work environment. Send me an email and I will get back to you to set up a time to talk.

Managing Stress

Has your organization come to the realization that stress is wrecking havoc on your people and on your bottom line?

Stress and anxiety, just like the flu, are contagious. The “costs” of stress are: low productivity, increased errors, elevated turnover of employees and customers, high health insurance claims and costs, and pain and suffering for many of your employees.

As individuals, stress wreaks havoc on people physically and emotionally. High blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, reduced immune-system function, depression, weight gain, loss of confidence and creativity are just a few of the direct effects of stress.

The more people you have feeling stressed out, the more your organization suffers in regard to performance, employee retention, and bottom line.

If you are interested in offering more, drop me an email and we can set up a time to talk.

Executive Coaching

Talented, collaborative personnel are the greatest strategic asset your company can possess, and I believe coaching is the best way to nurture and develop the people who are responsible for the success of your company. Your organization will achieve more, and people will stress less when supportive coaching opportunities are available to your staff on an “as needed” basis.

Do you realize it costs roughly 1/30th the amount of time and money to coach and mentor a worker, as opposed to hiring someone new? You organization simply can’t afford to keep hiring new talent from the open market. Because of this, the ability to coach others is an important part of the skill set of every manager. When managers can perform as high quality coaches, they wind up developing talent not just for their own team or department, but for the entire organization.

According to CIPD research (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in the United Kingdom), 96% of individuals receiving coaching and mentoring said it had a positive impact on their performance, and 87% said it had a direct positive impact on organizational performance.

The ROI value of coaching is found in increased productivity and overall health of personnel, higher job satisfaction, greater organizational continuity and collaboration, and all the costs (financial and emotional) related to turnover of personnel.

When staff receive valuable training through coaching, you can better fill senior positions from within your existing teams. This means you can fill staff vacancies at a much lower expense and with much greater safety than when recruiting people from the outside. As most any hiring manager will tell you, all too often when making new hires, “what you see is not what you get!” When you promote from within your own organization you are dealing with a person who you already know and trust. This is an important factor in regard to risk management.

Knowledge workers clearly realize the greatest career insurance they can possess is an ever expanding personal skill set. High quality coaching and training has thus become one of the most important reasons why talented people stay with their organization. You might be making an important strategic mistake if you think coaching is only for those who are not performing well.

In-house Coaching

A Seishindo coaching program teaches your leaders how to:

  • Experience each person as a unique and resourceful individual
  • Understand the difference between a person’s behavior and their positive intentions
  • Learn to listen first, and insure you’re understanding, prior to responding
  • Attack the problem at hand, rather than the people involved
  • Engage in the challenging conversations that when handled well, lead to better relationships, better performance, and deeper commitment
  • Understand how every strength has its weakness, and every weakness has its strength
  • Appreciate how the system you work in has all of the resources necessary to achieve success

If you would like to further explore coaching for your organization, I’d be happy to have a complimentary strategy session or two with you. Please email me for more information.

Designing and offering to match the needs of your company

A Seishindo consultant can help you define, design, and implement a coaching and consulting program for specific individuals, or your entire organization. Seishindo coaching and consulting produces strategic, measurable, and time sensitive results.

If you’re responsible for delivering organizational and team performance, Seishindo programs will offer you high quality results, at a price that makes good sense.

Do these thoughts match your own thinking?

Employing people who are highly skilled in their specialty is often the easiest part of the equation. We can question people and soon understand what they do and don’t know. Employing emotionally balanced individuals who have first class relationship skills is the place where the hiring process often breaks down.

When your employees have high level relationship skills, along with high-level job skills, that’s when you organization will be an industry leader. When it’s all said and done, isn’t that your experience as well?

We can help you design an interviewing process that helps you to understand much more about the way your prospects think, and the beliefs that drive your behavior. We’ve had great success with this with a number of companies, and we can help your company as well.

If you’d like to train your people to do better at communicating and being in relationship, we can be of help here as well.

Most professionals we meet are not in control of their everyday work life. They are inundated with emails and “important” meetings and proposals, all of which leaves them with not enough time to take care of their core activities.

People need to learn how to tame their email environment and their overall flow of work. Without making changes in this regard they will invariably be running behind schedule and not able to give their best. We can help!

If you’ve gotten this far, hopefully you have received a lot of “food for thought”. If you think it’s possible we might be able to help in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We won’t try and “sell” you. We promise! What we will do is help you strategize what your next best move is. Contact me directly and I will be happy to talk with you.