How to create high quality relationships by modeling excellence


Life ToolsDo you find it challenging to create and maintain high quality relationships? Are you wondering how others have an easier time in doing so? We give you insights into creating better relationships by asking 9 questions.

Episode Outline:

  1. Identify the person you want to model for learning how to create and maintain good relationships and arrange access to that person (i.e. your role model).
  2. Make the path forward clear to your counterpart – let them know how long you need and what your intent is.
  3. Ask the following questions:
  • In general, when making relationships with others? Do you have an overriding belief  that leads you to engage in the friendly manner that you do?
  • Do you tend to reflect and carefully analyze each of your relationships?
  • Which way of interacting do you find to be the most beneficial when wanting to make a good relationship with someone? Are you mainly a talker or mainly a listener?
  • Do you make it a point to ask the other person questions about themselves and how they are feeling, or do you tend to lead with your own thoughts and beliefs?
  • What do you do when you are in a relationship that has conflict or the potential for conflict?
  • When faced with a challenging situation or a challenging deadline: Do you give the most attention to getting the task done at the short-term expense of your relationship with the other person or do you focus on maintaining the relationship while easing up on the task if necessary?
  • If you find that at times you struggle in a certain relationship, do you have any tried and true strategies that you use to improve the relationship?
  • What do you do when, regardless of your best efforts, the relationship just doesn’t seem to improve?
  • When faced with a disagreement with someone: Do you strive to first make your opinion known or do you strive to first make sure you fully understand exactly what your counterpart is expressing?
  1. Take your notes and turn them into something clear and concise. Then get back to your role model, show them your notes, and ask them if they want to modify or refine what you wrote down.


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