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Today’s podcast is going to teach you a great method for setting and achieving goals. This is one of the core models in the Seishindo Life Tools Podcast series, and a core part of the coaching I do with people. You will come away from this podcast feeling a good deal more confident about your ability to get done whatever it is you need to get done, by learning how to set goals that point you in a positive direction.

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What happens for many of us is that we often set negatively oriented goals for ourselves.
When setting goals, few things could be worse to say to ourselves than something like, “I no longer want to get depressed.” Or, “I am sick and tried of being overweight, and thus I want to lose weight.”

When setting a goal you will tend to get the best results when you focus on the positive results you do want to achieve, rather than focusing on what you no longer want. When you focus on what you do want, you keep your thinking mind and spirit moving in a positive direction, which means you will be that much more likely to achieve your goal.

If you say to a child, “Don’t be so loud and noisy.” You will get them thinking about being loud and noisy. Much better to suggest, “Please be calm and quiet.” If I say to you now, “Don’t dare think about what you are going to do this coming weekend.” You will need to think about the coming weekend at least a little bit, to make sense out of what I am telling you to NOT do. The words and images you use direct your thinking mind in a particular direction, and then your thinking mind tends to follow the direction you point it towards.

That is why it is really important to keep your mind moving in a positive oriented direction when setting goals. Otherwise you are going to have to do a lot of extra work to change your direction in the future. Focus on what is life affirming. Focus on what you do want. Focus on what is right in your life. Focus on the plus and not the minus.

When you point towards a negative, you mind moves towards negatively oriented thinking. When you point towards a positive your mind will move in a life affirming direction.

When creating a goal, be sure to take into account, all the many resources you have that can support you on your path. Keeping in mind that your network of family, friends, loved ones, and the various communities you belong to, can be of great importance in supporting you.

These are my thoughts for today, and I will talk about this and a lot more in today’s podcast, so please do have a listen.

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