Embracing life’s many problems

1. Introduction

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2. Embracing life’s many problems

You are a relationship.
And when you’re wanting to understand how this relationship could be more fulfilling,
Ask yourself–“What is the nature of the conversation that goes on between the various parts of myself?”

Do you talk to yourself as a friend and ally,
or do you sometimes show disrespect and disdain?

There is a presence within you that is truly powerful, and also rather unruly at times.
Like the energy of a young rambunctious child.
Welcome this presence into your life,
rather than trying to discipline or defeat it, and you will find it has much to offer you.

One of the keys to a happy life, and a happy relationship,
Is the ability to entertain two opposing ideas at the same time,
Without turning the news of difference into a problem.

This requires an open heart and mind, and often, a fairly large dollop of high quality negotiation skills.

It is your lack of confidence regarding a potential outcome,
That leads to your sense of there being a problem.
When you feel up to the task,
Your problem will be transformed into a challenge you enjoy solving.

Problems can stretch and expand the boundaries of what you currently feel capable of,
And thus problems can help you achieve a more positive self-image.
The opposite of course is also true.

It’s a loss, a surprising turn of events, a death, the unexpected …
that makes it necessary for you to begin yet another journey.
Don’t try and stay home.
Don’t try and hide.
The part of you that realizes the need for change is calling out your name,
imploring you to take action.
Attempting to maintain the status quo is no longer a viable option.

If you stuff cotton in your ears,
The voice within you will only get louder and more insistent.

Be thankful for this,
Without this voice, conditions would only get worse.

Once you define your situation as a “problem”,
You become a moth,
And your problem becomes the flame.

There is no need to protect yourself from the unexpected.
Indeed there is a part of you that realizes the need for something to be different.
Take the chain off your door.
Welcome your guest, and embrace the paradox!

The unexpected offers you the opportunity to look deeper,
And discover what you truly want and need.

The convergence point of two seemingly opposing forces,
Is the place where the meaning of your experience is created.
Your belief about your capabilities determines how you act and react.
And not the experience in and of itself.

Are you open to learning something new?
Or are you only wanting to repeat the same lessons you
excelled at in the past?

Failure is not a declaration of your lack of ability.
The only way you can truly fail, is by giving up.
Today’s failure is a sign that you have yet to get things right.
Today’s failure is alerting you to the need for further course corrections.
Today’s failure can lead to tomorrow’s success.

Embracing your problems doesn’t mean you will have
less challenges in the future.
It only means you won’t be discouraged each time you meet up
with the unexpected.
Indeed, no matter how far you progress, you will still have many of
the same challenges you had in the past,
It’s just that you won’t take them so personally.

If your current problem had a positive meaning, what would it be?

Who were you before your problem showed up?

Who will you be once your problem is solved?

Let us know your thoughts...