Executive Coaching for Individuals

Why is it that what brought you success in the past, is no longer working? What does it take to grow, become a better leader, and have a rewarding, successful career?

These are questions I’d love to help you explore, so that you can have the career you have been yearning for. Do you want to get your career back in gear? If so, send me an email to find out more about my executive coaching services and I will reply within 24 hours, or you can simply continue to read more, and decide when you are ready.

executive coaching can give you a head startAre you ready to get started?

You may be facing a situation like one of these:

  • You’ve got too much to do and not enough time to get it all done. You are overwhelmed, and feeling out of control. Your to-do list is longer by the end of the day instead of shorter, and you don’t have time to prioritize or even think about delegating. How can you regain a sense of control and start being responsive and proactive again?
  • With all the stress related to your job, you suffer from mental fatigue and find it difficult to think clearly, stay focused, and plan for the future. The economic stress of the last few years has only added to your sense of turmoil, and you usually feel like you are one step behind. How can you slow down, deal with the problems that spring up daily, and stay calm in the midst of it all?
  • Your boss told you there are “things” you need to work on. You’re frustrated, frightened, and maybe even a little angry. You know these feelings are blocking your ability to take action, but then again, you’re not even sure what action to take! What can you do to capitalize on your strengths, shore up your weaknesses – and convince your boss that you can get the job done?
  • People say they’re unhappy with your leadership style. You’ve been working hard to improve, but recent feedback tells you people’s perceptions haven’t changed much. What is it you’re not understanding – and what do you need to be doing differently?

If you feel like you’ve gone from “hero to zero” in just a few short, surprising steps – you’ve come to the right place to get help.

My coaching clients are people who have experienced success. They are leaders, managers, and executives who take pride and enjoyment in being good at what they do. They’re forward-thinking and willing to be responsible, active participants in their own growth. And no matter how tough the going gets, deep down they know that something better is possible.

If this sounds like you, I invite you to further explore my work and thoughts by signing up for my complimentary newsletter and experience our free preview of our stress management program – both at no cost and with no obligation to go further.

Also, you can send me an email, and we can discuss how to further consider the possibility of our working together. You also might like to take a look at what other clients have said about my work with them.

If Executive Coaching is what you’re here for and you would like to read more before deciding, then please continue on.

executive coaching can help with being in the fast laneTired of life in the fast lane?

How Seishindo Executive Coaching can make you more Effective

You are well-educated and experienced in logic, analytical reasoning, and problem-solving. Your experience as a leader has prepared you to be effective from the perspective of the past. Unfortunately, this leaves you off-balance and unprepared to step confidently into the future. You need to learn from the past instead of being constrained by it, so you’re free to face the unknown territory that lies ahead. And you need to cultivate your intuitive understanding of the ways people and situations are often paradoxical and non-rational.

To become more effective, you need to focus on four things:

1) Slow down!
It’s counter-intuitive, but when you’re in the midst of overwhelm, slowing down makes it possible to accomplish more. As you learn how to slow down, you discover a natural calm and confidence. Those who are calm in the eye of the storm are the charismatic leaders people want to work with.

2) Breathe and experience your whole self
Paying attention to your breathing and posture creates an entirely new awareness of your presence – the energetic message you communicate to others and to yourself. Your non-verbal behavior plays a subtle yet powerful role in how you’re perceived – and how you feel.

3) Build better relationships with your counterparts
Business relationships can be tricky at times. You need to express your opinions and be heard, while also coming across with respect, clarity, and solutions. Expressing anger and frustration will rarely get you the results you desire.

4) Appreciate all you do have
When you are feeling stuck it is very easy to focus on everything you do not currently have, while losing your appreciation for all you do have. Balancing the good with the not so good, is an important factor in keeping your career on track. You’ve probably tried some of this in the past, but you need to perform all four actions together before the magic happens. When you slow down, breathe into the power of your whole self, build better relationships and appreciate all you do have – you will operate from a place of deep, intuitive power.

You will know how to bring your natural strengths to bear, and how to respond in a heartfelt, effective manner. You’ll have a deep appreciation for who you are, instead of trying to become someone different.

executive coaching can help you appreciate lifeNo matter how hard the climb, pause for a moment to appreciate your life!

Our executive coaching relationship

In our coaching relationship I help you realize the gifts waiting for you on the other side of your problems. I help you understand the depth and sacredness of who you truly are as a leader. And I teach you how to release and harness the power that’s been trapped by resisting change.

My coaching helps you realize you already have the resources you need to live the life you desire. You will learn how to appreciate and calmly pay attention to all that you are and all that is possible – and discover how to join in collaborative relationships with others.

And you’ll remember how to believe in yourself once again. The more you’re able to do this, the more your problems will resolve themselves, which will in turn help to improve your skills related to:

Leading Others • Improving Staff Motivation • Creating a Vision • Building a Better Team • Strategic Thinking • Engaging Your Colleagues vs. Dealing with Politics • Having Courage to Delegate • Managing your Time Better • Creating “Big Picture” Thinking • Effective Communication.

Would you like to find out more before deciding?

I want to offer you the chance to know as much about me as you like…

  • Testimonials about my work (You can find out what others have said about receiving coaching from me. I want you to know that the process I use proves to be both compassionate and effective.)
  • Listen to the highlights of a coaching session I did during a teleclass:
  • A “chemistry check” conversation – Your initial consultation is always at no charge and carries no obligation. It’s a mutual exploration of who you are, what you’re facing, and what I have to offer.

To schedule a complimentary conversation to explore possibilities, just send me an email. Your email comes directly to my personal in-box – and I’ll respond within one business day.

I look forward to hearing from you!