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Life ToolsDo you want to change careers? If so, this podcast can help you get started. We interview Nick Corcodilos, a professional career coach and author of the book “How Can I Change Careers – Answer Kit”, about the best strategies and methods for changing careers, including an interesting technique called “The Library Vacation.”


Key Topics Discussed:
1) Why do people change careers?
2) Try to get in front of the hiring manager and avoid HR if possible.
3) How to find out which career to go into: The Library Vacation.
4) The cost of a career change – look at the change as an investment.
5) Change to a career that really motivates you – not because the job is “there”.
6) If you cannot afford your new career choice, look for alternative ways you can accomplish your objectives.
7) Don’t use the online job boards!
8) Pick a company you really want to work for and talk to their vendors, employees, etc. about their business – don’t ask for a job.
9) How to network – focus on creating relationships and spending time within your field.
10) Some thoughts about LinkedIn – the world’s best online telephone book!
11) HR Screen interview – expect nothing.
12) Don’t pursue jobs – pursue the company


About Nick:

Nick Corcodilos is the host of Ask The Headhunter® and author of Fearless Job Hunting (2013), How to Work with Headhunters (2009),  How Can I Change Careers? (2009), and Keep Your Salary Under Wraps (2012).

Nick is also the author of Ask The Headhunter: Reinventing The Interview to Win The Job (1997), the #1-selling interview guide on Amazon for 26 consecutive months, published in the U.S., the U.K., Taiwan, China, and Brazil. (This book is no longer in print)

Nick started headhunting in 1979 in one of America’s most competitive job markets: California’s Silicon Valley. Using the methods described in his books, in the ATH Newsletter and on the ATH blog, he has helped people win management and staff jobs in companies including IBM, GE, Hewlett-Packard and Merrill Lynch.

You can find Nick’s website at

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