Learn from your past rather than being defeated by it


Life ToolsDo you find yourself living in the past and trying to understand why you did something, rather than learning from what took place? One thing is clear in regard to most highly successful people: They failed once, twice, or even many times three before finally hitting upon a plan that worked. What highly successful people do is learn from their past mistakes and then do things differently the next time around. We discuss 6 steps to help you learn from the past and move forward.

Episode Outline:


  • Best not to begin by asking “Why”, e.g. “Why didn’t that work?” The reason being is that your answers will usually be based on various suppositions that are not all that correct or accurate.
  • We will do well to stay away form asking ourselves “Did I do it right or did I do it wrong?” On of the main reason for this is that the potential answers wind up being too “black or white” with very little in the way of nuance.
  • Avoid asking yourself questions from a negative viewpoint. For example: “Why was I so unaware about what was actually taking place?”


  1. Make a simple statement naming the situation that did not go as planned and what you are wanting to learn.
  2. Ask yourself: “Did I make an overall wise decision when initially engaging in my situation?”
  3. Ask yourself: “Was my choice for this situation based on my insecurities and/or needs rather than choosing from a place of strength?”
  4. Ask yourself: “How could I have better managed my primary relationship in the situation I was involved in?”
  5. Ask yourself: “Did I have the skills and experience to properly support what I was attempting to accomplish?”
  6. Consider what you will want to do differently and the same in the future. In other words, cycle through the above questions, digest what happened, and then state what you would do differently in the future and also what you would do the same in the future.


4 thoughts on “Learn from your past rather than being defeated by it

  1. Tim

    Good evening Charlie – a few weeks ago I started a new job – I was really happy about that happening at the time, as I have been unemployed for 18 months, without an income. My current feeling about the job is now not so positive, mainly because of how I view the challenging behavior of my boss. So the timing of this article was PERFRECT, PERFECT and more PERFECT – so a huge thank you to you for distributing it to the world – and me – just in time. Thank you very much.


    1. Charlie Badenhop Post author

      Hi Tim,
      Thanks for the feedback. Very much appreciated!
      Just wondering, did you listen to the podcast as well, as it has additional information?

      All the best to you going forward.


    1. Charlie Badenhop Post author

      If you had the inclination…
      I would love to hear how you used the podcast and article to have a better take on your situation.
      Could you possibly post something on the Google + “Seishindo Personal Development” page?

      I think it is good for people to know how others use what we put out.



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