Mother’s Day

1. Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up soon in the U.S. (May 9). My mom is turning 90 in a couple of months, and she also recently has a cancerous tumor removed. Beyond that, her and my dad, who will also be 90 this year, are moving to a senior citizens home. I have been helping with all the preparations for the move, and one of the things my folks have been doing is going through old photographs. Needless to say, all of this has led to a lot of thoughts and memories.

I have been in conversation with my friend and colleague Marleen Adriaensen and she wound up sending me a piece she wrote about her own experience of being a mom. This led me to decide it would be fitting to have our first issue commemorating mothers.

My daughter’s birth was a complicated affair. I was in the delivery room assisting during the whole process, and I came away in awe- Of the doctor, my wife, “Mother Nature”, and the will to be make it into the world that our daughter exhibited.

To my mom, and every mom who has given her best for the life of her child, I offer you my gratitude, respect, and love.


2. Today…

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Today I realize that being a mother is a great and special experience,
Of feeling connected to myself and others.

As I share my life with all those I love,
And sometimes do a lot of needed and needless worrying.

Today I’m grateful that being a mother offers me a learning place,
To experience myself as also a lot more than “just” a mom,

A separate, complete, and unique person.
First and foremost being “me”,
Even though, I’m often not exactly sure anymore who or what “me” is.
Not exactly sure where “I” begin, and “I” end,
Or even if there is such a thing as a beginning and an ending.

Today I have feelings of sadness and joy,
Failure and pride.
Fear and confidence,
About doing a “good job” as a mother,
Whether I’m getting it “right”,
And what it can possibly mean to get it right or get it wrong.
Likely I am doing both, and much more than that, all at the same time.

Today I am aware that I am a daughter of a mother.
And I’m wondering if she has had the same thoughts and feelings as me.

Today I know how important it is to breathe and feel my inner calmness and peace.
Realizing I am a child of Mother God, Mother Nature.

Realizing I’m a perfectly imperfect mother,
Expressing and sharing all that I can be in this moment.

Nothing more, and nothing less

Today, I am thankful for all life has to offer me.

And in return, I offer a prayer of thanksgiving,
For every mother throughout the world.

Marleen Adriaensen

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