New Year Greeting

As always, our New Year newsletter is much shorter and simpler than all our other issues. This gives me the chance to lay back and recharge my batteries some. I’ll get back to storytelling next time around.

This year was particularly full. With my dear Russian friend, colleague, and webmaster Inessa passing away I wound up having a lot of extra emotions and tasks to contend with. I think I have just recently turned the corner in regard to this, and I’m looking to start fresh in 2009. There are many in the Seishindo community that miss Inessa very much, and I’m thankful that in the end she went quickly, with a minimum of suffering. Certainly her spirit lives on in our hearts. She was truly a “comrade” in the best sense of the term.

This year, as always, there have been many people who have offered me their kindness along the way. In no particular order, I would like to thank…

“You,” the readers of the Seishindo newsletter.

By referring others to our newsletter you help keep the Seishindo community active and strong. By writing to me and telling me how much you appreciate specific stories, you help keep me active and strong! Keep the emails coming. They add fuel to the fire!

I also want to thank my clients and workshop participants. I learn so much from each of you, and I am in awe of how we discover so many moments of truth and magic together. Your strength, courage, and wisdom enrich my life on a daily basis.

This year in particular Tsutomu Shimoozaki has proven to be a great help to me. Tsutomu took over a number of tasks that Inessa used to do, and he is the person responsible for getting the newsletter out for the last year. “Yoroshiku, onegaishimasu!”

Although I did not overrun their house for as many days as I have in the past, I’m still very thankful for the shelter and friendship given me by Drew Lebby and Wendy Schwartz.

As she has for a long time, Dorothy Pietracatella has once again been a trusted friend and wise advisor. Thanks Dorothy. I love you.

Tony Padgett continues to support me in many different ways even though he now lives in Singapore. Arigato!

Lisa Kimball has been a wise advisor and friend.

Roz Kay stepped up and sponsored me for the first time in Wash. DC. Thanks so much for believing in me and in Seishindo.

I had a lovely time teaching for the Chesapeake Bay chapter of the Organizational Development Network, and in general I have felt blessed to be a member of the ODN.

Catherine Poissonnier jumped in to help sponsor my workshops in Belgium, and she has proven to be a great collaborator. Thanks so much!

For some time now Marleen Adriaensen has offered me her support, friendship, and professional expertise. She has also begun teaching Seishindo with me and on her own, while also continuing to sponsor my workshops in Belgium. Her input on many levels has proven invaluable. Thanks also to her mate Patrick Henckes for helping out with a lot of different things along the way.

Raf Goveart has recently jumped in as an advisor for Marleen and I in Belgium. Raf brings with him a steady hand, years of experience, and great wisdom. I look forward to working with him on various projects. Thanks for believing in us Raf.

Henri Roggeman and I have been collaborating on creating ambient music which will become available some time in early 2009. Henri is a brilliant linguist and musician, and a wonderful human being as well. Thanks Henri!

I am thankful for my ongoing connection to Spirit. As I continue to learn that indeed I am not alone, my life takes on richer meaning, and greater happiness.

I am wishing all of you the best for the coming year, and beyond. Keep the faith. It really is warranted!

Please take some time to look around in your life and give thanks. Particularly if this has been a trying year for you. The more difficult our journey, the more we have to be thankful for.

2009 can definitely be the best year of your life. Please work, play, and pray, to make this a reality!

In community,

Charlie Badenhop

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