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I have been in Thailand for about a month and a half now and some wonderful things are happening. It is so great to be feeling like I am in the right place at the right time. It seems that a lot of hard work over the course of many years is all starting to fall into place. 

And, because of what is transpiring for me, I want to say “Keep the faith!”
Sure you might worry, fret, moan, and groan along the way…
But if at the same time, you work hard, do your best to be honest, ethical, and kind to others, while maintaining a good sense of humor…
It will only be a matter of time before Life starts to say “Thank you!” and you begin to feel ever more at home in the universe.

One thing I have been feeling for quite some time now is this-
Fulfilling your dreams…
Is not nearly as important as continuing to have the kind of dreams that fuel your passion for living.

So, I ask you now-
What would it take for you to know that you are definitely on your path?

What would it take for you to realize that you are enough and that you matter?

What would it take for you to realize that the Universe is indeed actively protecting and supporting you?

Please stop by our forum and share your thoughts and wisdom in regard to these questions and more.

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Who doesn’t like a nice night’s sleep? This question is sort of like asking, “Who doesn’t like a really tasty dessert?”

Unfortunately, unlike a good dessert, a nice night’s sleep can’t simply be bought whenever you like.

If you have trouble sleeping from time to time, then I think today’s podcast will offer you definite value. The exercise I walk you through in the podcast will support you in getting the kind of rest you desire and need.

I think it is meaningful to note that getting a good night’s sleep is an important aspect of stress management. The better you sleep, the more prepared you will feel for the day ahead. A good night’s sleep will very definitely lessen the stress you feel in your waking life.

Let me share some theory about how your thinking can get in the way of your sleeping, while also suggesting some remedies:

  • Most of the time when people are having trouble sleeping they are thinking about situations they are not confident about or that frighten them.
    Needless to say, the more you dwell on the negative, the more difficult it will be to sleep. So what to do? Get involved in thinking about what is going well in your life, while giving your primary attention to your breathing cycle.
  • Whatever you think about winds up leading to corresponding pictures being made in the theater of your mind. And vice versa as well. By looking at specific pictures you will tend to think correspondingly specific thoughts.
    So what to do? Think of situations, people, and relationships that please you and allow the accompanying pictures to float on by. You want to proactively create images that calm you down, rather than rile you up.
  • If you are engaged in problem solving, you will not feel like sleeping.
    So what to do? Make believe you have already solved your problem and make a statement that notes your success. Something like, “I have finally figured out how to get better performance from my team, and work is going great.” Repeat that statement to yourself as often as you like, and notice how the way you feel begins to change. Sleep is likely to come after a satisfying day of work!
  • Whatever your are thinking about will lead you to have physical reactions that match your thoughts.
    So, no matter how important tomorrow’s game might be, rather than thinking about what how the game will hopefully unfold, think instead of the satisfaction you will feel having already succeeded.
  • When you think about something that you find very definitely disturbing, you will wind up releasing various hormones into your system.
    For instance, if you are thinking about a person that really frightens you you will release cortisol into your system and wind up feeling a sense of “fight or flight”.
    By now you will likely already be able to guess my suggestion in this regard. Do your best to keep your mind focused on positively oriented people, places, and relationships, while also monitoring your breathing cycle to make sure it stays slow and expansive.
  • As a general caveat- The more you try and stop yourself from thinking particular thoughts or engaging in specific activities, the more of these thoughts and activities you will tend to generate going forward. In my thinking, one of the worst strategies for attempting to calm your thinking mind is trying to stop yourself from thinking. Rather than attempting to stop yourself, engage yourself fully in most any thought or activity that is positively oriented and calming.

I think I will stop here for now…
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