Planting and nurturing the seeds of success

Planting and nurturing the seeds of success

It’s my belief that we often don’t achieve the goals we set, because we don’t understand how to properly prepare ourselves for success. So many people want to change some aspect of their life, try doing something, get lousy results, and wind up thinking something’s wrong with them. I’m writing with the hope of showing you how you can exit such an unfulfilling loop of disappointment and frustration.

Develop a goal you want to “move towards” rather than one you want to “move away from”
Focusing on behaviors you no longer want to engage in will tend to keep you away from awakening your heart to what you truly desire. Successful athletes don’t focus on “not losing.” Instead, they focus on “winning and playing to their full potential.”

Use your whole self to move forward towards your goal, rather than looking back at where you no longer want to be.

Wanting to be healthy and alive when your grandchildren come along, is much more compelling than simply telling yourself “I want to stop smoking.” Focus on what you DO want, and not on what you don’t.

The further you are from the finish line, the closer you need to be to your dream
The further away or more difficult your goal appears to be, the more important it is to have a powerfully compelling dream.

If you’re wanting to feel fit, you might find it easy to join a sports club and work out a few times a week.

If on the other hand you’d like to run your first marathon at the age of 50, you’ll likely need to build a compelling “success scenario” in your mind’s eye. The more you can focus on how fantastic you’ll feel crossing the finish line, with your friends waiting to congratulate you on your victory, the better able you’ll be to push through the pain and exhaustion of grueling training sessions.

The “call” of your dream, needs to be strong enough to keep you moving forward, like a ship lost as sea, responding to the blinking light of a distant lighthouse.

Don’t be a “wanna be”
If you tell yourself “I want to be ‘X’,” you’ll be reinforcing the belief that you currently are not X. Inadvertently telling yourself “I’m currently not ‘X’, but I want to be in the future.” will make it all the more difficult to achieve your goal. If you’re slim and healthy, you’d say “I’m slim and healthy,” not “I want to be slim and healthy.” Yes?

Act “as if” you ARE already happy/healthy/successful/etc., rather than wanting to be.
Give yourself the opportunity to have a taste of success before you actually get there.

Choose words that lead to images and feelings of success
Be certain to use motivational language that stimulates the images and feelings that will lead you towards success.

If you wanted to lose weight and said to yourself “I’m really loving the way I look and feel!” you could match those words to a snapshot in your mind’s eye, where you’re exactly the weight you desire. Now wouldn’t that feel great!

Work backwards from success to the present
If you imagine your positive intentions are already accomplished, and work backwards from there, you’ll have a much better chance of understanding what it takes to have your dreams truly flourish.

Imagine yourself being interviewed, and you’re asked:
“Having achieved health/happiness/success/you name it, what did you do to get there, and what do you do to maintain it?”

Take your time…
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