Before Sleeping – Support for Deeper Sleep & Occasional Insomnia


This program contains 2 specially designed recordings to help you slow down and become more emotionally calm and physically relaxed.

Listen to a sample from the actual recording:


Having a good night’s sleep is important for your overall health and emotional well-being. Unfortunately, having a restful night’s sleep can sometimes be a daunting task when you are facing numerous challenges. With this in mind, we offer you this program to help you sleep better and wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

This program contains 2 soundtracks, each about 18 minutes in length. The recordings can be instantly downloaded to your computer or mobile device and used whenever and wherever you like. This program is designed to use when you occasionally suffer with insomnia or when you would just like a restful night’s sleep. It is a good complement to our Upon Waking program.

In the first track, you are gently guided through an exercise that helps you to feel emotionally relaxed. The spoken word and specially composed music influence your subconscious mind to slow down and do less thinking. When your thinking mind calms down, you body will naturally follow. And as your body calms down, your muscles relax and you begin to breathe more fully. Soon you will find yourself drifting off into a deep restful night’s sleep.

The second track is “music only” without the verbal guidance. You can play the music whenever you want to feel more at ease and at peace with the world around you. Listening to the music will help revivify the soothing experience you had when engaging in the sleep exercise. When you calm yourself during the course of your daily activities, you will be that much more ready to sleep when nighttime rolls around.

An important note- When you listen to our sample track you might find the opening music is a bit more upbeat than you were expecting, and yet we purposely start out fairly upbeat. Why? Because if you are having trouble sleeping your system will be running at a speed that does not lead you to sleep. Thus we start this track out doing our best to meet you where you are starting from, and then we slow everything down a good deal over time… Which will lead you to slow down along with us. Once your system is running slowly and calmly sleep will naturally follow.