Upon Waking – Gently Wake Up Your Whole Self, Feeling Rested & Energized


Start your day by focusing on the positive aspects and relationships in your life, and slowly waking up your whole body and your whole self.

Listen to a sample from the actual recording:


Waking up feeling ready for the day ahead is one of the most important activities you can engage in, and this offering leads you through a process to help you meet your day.

This program contains 2 recordings, each about 12 minutes in length. The recordings can be instantly downloaded to your computer after purchase and used whenever and wherever you like. This program is designed to use when you find you’re occasionally have trouble waking up in the morning or you wake up feeling not completely refreshed. It is a good complement to our Before Sleeping program.

In the first recording, you are gently guided through an exercise that helps you to gently wake up your whole self. Little by little, step by step. An important part of the process involves helping you to be thankful for the many positive aspects of your life. The spoken words and specially composed music influence your subconscious mind to appreciate the day ahead and wake up feeling refreshed.

The second recording is “music only” without the verbal guidance. You can play the music whenever you want to feel more at ease and at peace with the world around you. Listening to the music will help revivify the pleasant experience you had when engaging in the Upon Waking exercise.