Rainy season

In April of this year I wrote a short newsletter entitled “Sometimes….. when it rains it pours”.
I talked about the death of my teacher and loved ones who had cancer.
Now, one day before my mother’s 90th birthday, which was July 28, 2009, she was all of a sudden diagnosed with late stage brain cancer.

I am doing my best to rush from Tokyo to Atlanta to be by her side while she is still lucid. “Doing my best” because all the flights are overbooked due to summer vacation, and I’ve already been bumped off four different flights. Rather than a trip of about 24 hours, it now looks like I will do well to make it there in 48.

I am taking it easy as I sit in various airports, and doing a good deal of praying, and offering my thanks up to the Universe.

My mother has had a good life, and I am certain that she will not need to suffer.

I will be back to you with a more usual newsletter, most likely by the next issue.

Thanks for all the feedback on my story last time about feeding my neighborhood birds. I bought extra bird food before I left, and told my little friends I would be back as soon as possible.

I might not have the time to reply this time to those of you who write to me offering your support.

Let me thank you in advance for your kindness and your prayers.

(Written on a flight from Seattle to Denver)

With love in my heart,

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