Releasing into the floor

Lie on your back, on a mat, or a carpeted floor.
If your body is really supple you can lie directly on a warm floor.

If you can do so, lay on the floor without any pillows or anything else underneath you. If it hurts you to do so, use a pillow under your knees or wherever you might need one.

Lying on the floor, get into a rhythmic breathing pattern.
Breathing in and out through your nose.

You will either want to slowly count internally (1,2,3,4) on the inhale and (1,2,3,4) on the exhale,
OR, repeat a “key word” of some sort internally on the inhale and exhale.
The key word should be a word that has a definite positive connotation for you.
Something like (“Relaxed, Relaxed” spoken slowly on the inhale, and again, “Relaxed, Relaxed” spoken slowly on the exhale)

Other alternatives- (Confident, Confident) (Peaceful, Peaceful) (Calm, Calm)
Whatever suits you, as long as the word or phrase has a positive connotation for you.

If you’re wanting to sleep you can use (Sleepy, Sleepy) or (Letting go, Letting go).

If you can, also notice your heartbeat, as you lay there and breathe.
If you can notice your heartbeat, you can inhale through your nose for five heartbeats and exhale through your nose for five heartbeats.

No matter what (if anything) you choose to repeat to yourself as you breathe, it is helpful if you can feel your heartbeat as you lay there and breathe.

If you can’t feel your heartbeat starting out, no worries. Chances are you will begin to feel your heartbeat as time goes on.

As you lay there breathing, tighten and then release (One by one, and slowly) the muscles of your feet and toes, breathe, the muscles of your legs, breathe, your pelvis and butt, breathe, your stomach, breathe, your chest, breathe, your arms, breathe, your hands, breathe, your shoulders, breathe, your neck, breathe and your face, breathe.

Cycle through this pattern two more times.

Now, imagine the floor is softening around you, and your body sinks a few inches into the floor, like it would if you were laying on some soft blankets.

Now “do nothing” and simply feel yourself.

Just now, you might find, that everything is just as it should be.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Only now, and only you, only in this moment.

Perform this practice for at least ten minutes.

This practice is similar to various Yoga practices.

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