1. Introduction

The holidays will soon be upon us. I hope you take this time to slow down, and reflect on your many blessings. Potable water, ample food, and a roof over your head… if you have these things, please don’t take them for granted.

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2. Sediment

What I did most days immediately after Aikido class, was write down whatever sensei said that caught my attention. I rarely wrote down the finer points of a technique, but instead I was drawn to the things sensei said that related to “something else”. After a while I created a notebook which I titled “Sediment”. Here’s some of what I wrote in that notebook more than 25 years ago.

Health will follow sickness, and happy will follow sad. All life is cyclical. When you’re able to keep this in mind you’ll be a lot less concerned by the seemingly bad things that occur in your life. Good balances bad, life balances death.

It’s important to believe in a truth that’s “bigger” than the one you construct in your head. It’s important to understand life is not all about “you”.

You’ll never be able to believe in anyone else or anything else, more than you’re able to believe in yourself. Indeed, if you believe you can’t you won’t.

All of life is offering you energy and this energy can be converted into fuel for living.
When you release all the muscles of your body and breathe freely, you’re much better able to take in the energy that’s available to you. This is the essence of high quality health. The more you hold on with the muscles of your body, the less oxygen you’re able to take in. The less you’re able to take in, the more you’ll believe in scarcity.

To a large extent, your body is the product of your thinking. What you think about and what you don’t, and what you believe in and what you don’t, determines your health and what you do and don’t get in life. Your thoughts have energy, Moving energy sustains life and blocked or excessive energy depletes your life force. Worry less and you’ll have more. Do less and you’ll achieve more.

Whatever you try to avoid or resist you tend to make stronger. That’s how virulent forms of disease got going in hospitals. Whatever the antibiotic doesn’t kill gets stronger, The more you talk and think about what you don’t want, the more you starve what you do want. Your thinking mind creates a thought field. Your thought field is an energy field, much like an electrical grid. Your energy field attracts certain kinds of energy and people while repelling others. What and how you think, determines who you become.

Your thinking mind determines the way you use your body and breathe. The way you use your body and breathe, determines your emotional state and overall health..

Your body, just like the body of a classical guitar, is a resonator. When you adopt an open balanced posture, you increase your capacity to resonate, and attract life sustaining energy.

The power that flows through you is limitless. The essence of who you are, is not constrained by time, space, or your thinking mind. If you are truly emotionally healthy, you will tend to be physically healthy. The opposite of this is equally true. Your emotional health and your physical health are in a constant, recursive conversation.

You are the creator of your entire experience of life. This includes your health, your happiness, and your relationships, Or the lack thereof.

Your system is designed to be self healing. Release all stressors and the body will heal itself. Stress is simply excess energy trapped in your body. This excess energy will search for a way to exit your system and be free. In an attempt to escape it will attack your weakest link and begin to break it down. Let your energy be free, and it will work with you and for you.

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