Traditional Japanese Stress Management: Module 1 – Breath, Presence, and Tranquility

Program Overview

Traditional Japanese Stress ManagementIn this Traditional Japanese Stress Management module, you are taught various traditional Japanese breathing methods, for nourishing and calming your brain, your body, and your emotions.

Glucose, oxygen, and the proper levels of nitric oxide and carbon dioxide are all important elements in fueling, rejuvenating, and healing yourself. When you breathe expansively, you maximize the synthesis and supply of these various elements throughout your system. In the process you prepare yourself to meet the many challenges you face, with presence and tranquility, and thus lessen the stress in your life.

This module contains five exercises (including 10 downloadable files): Two of the exercises contain slideshows accompanied with music and verbal guidance by me. I walk you through the exercises as you passively take in the music and visual images. The other three exercises are audio tracks with music and verbal guidance by me.

While you are free to engage in the course in any manner you wish, we suggest that you progress in the order the exercises are presented. The reason being that some of the exercises are based upon guidance and suggestions made in earlier exercises.

You can move from one exercise to another whenever you feel ready. You do not need to feel proficient with an exercise before moving on. Progress through the course in whatever way suits you best. And of course, you can repeat any of the exercises whenever you like, and as often as you like. Indeed the idea is that you will engage in the exercises many times over the course of time, deepening your experience and lessening your stress little by little. You are receiving a library of supportive tools that are available for you to use whenever you like, and in whatever manner suits you best. The more you engage in the exercises the healthier and calmer you will feel.


In this module, we include the instrumental tracks for the music used in the exercises. We offer you this music for three reasons:

First, we hope that you will enjoy the music just as you would other music that you find pleasing.

Second, music has the power to help us recall past memories. Be it your favorite music from a specific band, or music that you relate to some important event in your life. When you listen to the music it will help to revivify and deepen the experience you had when engaging in these exercises. As with the exercises themselves, it is completely up to you how and when you use the instrumental tracks.

Third, after a while, you may find that you no longer need my verbal guidance to engage in the exercises. In this case, you can simply use the music to help lead you through the breathing exercises as you work on your own, in your own pace and style.

Community Forum

Forum-people-300Scientific research as well as our own experience, shows that people who are experiencing stress, can greatly benefit from being in supportive relationships with others. The more stressed people feel, the more separate and alienated they tend to feel.

We have thus created a community forum that invites you to engage in supportive conversations with others. In our forum, you can ask questions, give feedback, and help support others who might benefit from your wisdom and life experience. Feel free to log onto our forum several times a day, or once a month. Whenever you do go to the forum you will find other members of the Seishindo community waiting to be of service.

You can find our forum here.

Downloadable Files

In this module you receive 11 files. All video slideshows and audio files can be downloaded directly from our website once you have paid for the program. The files that you download can then be transferred to your audio or portable devices. You are encouraged to download the files so that you can enjoy them whenever and wherever you like, for as long as you like.

Questions & Support

If you need any further guidance regarding this module or have any questions whatsoever, feel free to contact me at I would also welcome hearing from you about how these modules are helping you, and what, if any, challenges the exercises bring up for you.

And if you feel like you might need specialized help I would always be happy to engage in some coaching sessions with you. Just contact me and we can have an informal conversation. After talking you will have a better sense of what I have to offer and how I might be able to help you.


1. Mushin Breathing – Free Preview*

kidThis exercise is based on the Japanese concept of Mushin. When you experience mushin you are centered and calm, yet active. At such times your thinking mind and your body are coordinated, and act as one.

You do neither too much or too little, as you release all extraneous action and thought. Nothing comes between your thought and your action, and nothing is left over, or undone.

This is the experience you can have at any given moment, prior to reflecting on your experience in any way.

In this exercise you are guided through a process to help you become fully present in the moment, by breathing, moving, letting go, and living fully in the here and now. The more often you can let go of your concerns about the past and future, the healthier and more emotionally balanced you will feel.

The specially-composed music and pleasant visual images will enhance and deepen your experience of feeling alive and well.

*This exercise is offered as a free preview of our Traditional Japanese Stress Management Program. Just click here to experience it. If you are interested in purchasing the entire module for this or other programs, click here for pricing.

2. Slow Expansive Breathing

The way you breathe is crucial to cultivating high quality physical and emotional health. Breathing fully can help you to slow down, and feel more in control of yourself, and your life. The better able you are to breathe fully the better you will feel during the course of your day.

And breathing fully increases blood flow throughout your body, providing your system with copious amounts of oxygen, while also cleansing your body of carbon dioxide and other toxins.

This exercise offers you a core component in learning how to breathe fully while remaining relaxed. By engaging in this exercise, over time you will come to feel calm and solution oriented. Relax, take in what I have to say, listen to the accompanying music, and breathe… simple to engage in as I guide you through the entire process.

This exercise leads you through a breathing cycle that is six seconds in, a second or two of rest, six seconds out, and another second or two of rest. The idea being that it is really important to take in copious amounts of oxygen.

Most people will find this duration of breathing to be fairly easy to follow. But if you find yourself struggling to keep up with me, simply breathe for one or two cycles, rest while not attempting to keep up, and then breathe with me for another cycle or two, when the timing is right for you. After a bit of practice you will find that your breathing capacity expands, which will help you to relax even further.

3. Mu Breathing

Waterfall and FoliageThis exercise is based on the Japanese concept of Mu. Mu can be said to mean “emptiness or nothing”. When you have nothing, then everything is possible. When you “think nothing” you are free from your daily concerns. Experiencing Mu gives you a sense of the full potential that life can offer you. In Japanese culture, nothing is more revered than nothing!

When you focus on nothing and bring mindful awareness to your breathing process, you increase your overall health and vitality. Mindful breathing also calms your thinking mind, and lessens  unnecessary internal chatter and “worry”, so you can feel your rightful place in the world.

In this exercise, you will learn how to experience and benefit from the potential of “Mu”, as you open up to all that life is offering you.

4. Aikido Breathing – Demonstration

This exercise offers you a classic breathing technique used in Aikido. I teach you some theory, and the “how to” of the exercise and then we engage in this breathing process together.

boatThe idea behind this exercise is for you to slowly take in copious amounts of oxygen in order to feed your brain and calm your overall system. When you breathe slowly in an expansive manner, your brain gets the resources it requires, and over time you find that your thought process slows down, and you wind up feeling more at ease in the moment.

After engaging in this exercise numerous times, you will likely find that your thinking process fades away completely for short periods, and this is a great aid in helping you to feel safe and calm. You will discover what a wonderful treat it is to have no internal dialogue at times! Less internal chatter leads to less stress and greater self confidence.

The act of slowing down your thinking mind, also calms your body, and thus your overall system will feel a great sense of rejuvenation. Without thoughts running through your mind, you will be free to simply attend to your moment to moment experience, and you will have a great sense of wonderment and exploration.

5. Aikido Breathing – Practice

This exercise offers the same practice as the previous exercise but this time with most of the explanation stripped away.

Once you feel confident with what you need to do in the Demonstration exercise, this Practice exercise will wind up being the recording you will likely use the most often.

The above gives an overview of Module 1 with a Free Preview of the Mushin Breathing exercise. If you had purchased this module, all exercises would be available to you along with the downloads to keep. If you are interested in purchasing this module or others, click here for pricing.