Traditional Japanese Stress Management: Module 2 – Generating & Utilizing Ki

Program Overview

This Traditional Japanese Stress Management module is meant to help you generate and gracefully utilize your “ki”, your life force. The more “ki” you can generate the more “ki” you will have available to use in your everyday life, and thus the more “fuel efficient” your system will be.

You can think of it this way- Your system needs “fuel” in order to function in a generative manner and be healthy. You synthesize food, water, oxygen, and other elements in order to create this fuel. The exercises taught in this section help you to maximize the amount of energy you are able to generate and thus utilize in your everyday life. It is similar to increasing the gas mileage of a car. You wind up getting more out of less, which will lead you to understand that you do have access to all of the resources necessary to achieve what you truly desire.

This module contains six exercises (made up of 7 downloadable files). Three of the exercises are video lessons. I take you through an exercise as you do it along with me. The other three exercises are audio tracks, two of them include verbal guidance by me.

While you are free to engage in the course in any manner you wish, we suggest that you progress in the order the exercises are presented. The reason being that some of the exercises are based upon guidance and suggestions made in earlier exercises.

You can move from one exercise to another whenever you feel ready. Progress through the course in whatever way suits you best. And of course, you can repeat any of the exercises whenever you like, and as often as you like. Indeed the idea is that you will engage in the exercises many times over the course of time, deepening your experience and lessening your stress little by little. You are receiving a library of supportive tools that are available for you to use whenever you like, and in whatever manner suits you best. The more you engage in the exercises the healthier and calmer you will feel.


In this module, we include the instrumental tracks for the music used in the Katsugen Undo exercise. We offer you this music for three reasons:

First, we hope that you will enjoy the music just as you would other music that you find pleasing.

Second, music has the power to help us recall past memories. Be it your favorite music from a specific band, or music that you relate to some important event in your life. When you listen to the music it will help to revivify and deepen the experience you had when engaging in these exercises. As with the exercises themselves, it is completely up to you how and when you use the instrumental tracks.

Third, after a while, you may find that you no longer need my verbal guidance to engage in the exercises. In this case, you can simply use the music to help lead you through the breathing exercises as you work on your own, in your own pace and style.

Community Forum

Forum-people-300Scientific research as well as our own experience, shows that people who are experiencing stress, can greatly benefit from being in supportive relationships with others. The more stressed people feel, the more separate and alienated they tend to feel.

We have thus created a community forum that invites you to engage in supportive conversations with others. In our forum, you can ask questions, give feedback, and help support others who might benefit from your wisdom and life experience. Feel free to log onto our forum several times a day, or once a month. Whenever you do go to the forum you will find other members of the Seishindo community waiting to be of service.

You can find our forum here.

Downloadable Files

All video slideshows and audio files can be downloaded directly from our website once you have paid for the program. The files that you download can then be transferred to your audio or portable devices. You are also encouraged to download the files so that you can enjoy them whenever and wherever you like.

Questions & Support

If you need any further guidance regarding this module or have any questions whatsoever, feel free to contact me at I would also welcome hearing from you about how these modules are helping you, and what, if any, challenges the exercises bring up for you.

And if you feel like you might need specialized help I would always be happy to engage in some coaching sessions with you. Just contact me and we can have an informal conversation. After talking you will have a better sense of what I have to offer and how I might be able to help you.


1. Katsugen Undo – Demonstration

sand-pathIn this video lesson you are guided through a step-by-step process for performing Katsugen Undo. This exercise comes from Noguchi Sei Tai, a Japanese health management system that is revered by many in Japan. Noguchi sensei used to say, “All forms of disease are the result of a person holding onto excess energy. Release excess energy and the body will have the potential to heal itself.”

The idea is to breathe and move freely and release any unnecessary muscular holding patterns. When you release excess tension in your body you also release excess tension in your thinking mind. Little by little, as you relax both your body and your thinking mind, you will come to feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

2. Katsugen Undo – Practice

This is the companion lesson for Katsugen Undo- Demonstration. In this video lesson you will be guided to follow along and engage in the exercise in “real time” with very little instruction. First use the Demonstration version of this exercise as many times as you like, and then once you no longer need all the instructions, you can switch to using this version.

3. Priming the Pump

water_pumpThis video lesson furthers what you learned in the two previous lessons involving Katsugen Undo.

In various Japanese arts, students are taught how to get their energy moving freely by “priming the pump”. This is similar in concept to priming a water pump by adding a small amount of water to improve the seal and thus get the water flowing freely.

You will be asked to do things like scrunch up your face, tense all the muscles of your body, and make some fierce sounds. You will also be asked to simply relax and release your thinking mind and your musculature.

Give yourself the time you need to feel comfortable with this practice and you will learn how to release both your habitual emotional holding patterns and your habitual muscular holding patterns. Little by little, you will come to realize that your overall system has the capacity to generate all of the energy you need to live an emotionally fulfilling, healthy life.

4. Aikido Chanting – Demonstration

two-fishIn this audio lesson, you will be given instruction on how to chant, and then you will engage in chanting with me. When you chant, you simply repeat a rhythmic phrase over and over again. The idea behind this exercise is to so fully engage yourself in the chanting, that you have no leftover capacity to generate your habitual thinking patterns.

When you give yourself a vacation from thinking, you give yourself the opportunity to “reset” your thinking mind and revitalize yourself in general. In neuroscience this is sometimes called “creating white space”. You give yourself the opportunity to start anew on a fresh page, or blank canvas. This in turn helps you to manage stress more effectively rather than allowing stress to manage you.

If you are not used to chanting, you may feel a bit awkward in the beginning, just like you would be with any new skill. Please keep in mind that millions of people around the world chant as a way to refocus and reset their thinking mind, so you are not alone! You might also like to know that there has been a great deal of research carried on in hospitals and clinics around the world, clearly showing that chanting and other acts of mindfulness such as meditation, can indeed play a pivotal role in helping people to relax and lessen their stress. As you continue to use this chanting exercise you will find that you feel more and more comfortable with the process, and you will likely reap definite benefits.

5. Aikido Chanting – Practice

This audio lesson is the companion exercise for Aikido Chanting- Demonstration. In this exercise you will be guided to follow along and engage in chanting in “real time” with me, with very little instruction.

First use the “Demonstration” version of this exercise as many times as you like, and then once you no longer need all the instructions, you can switch to using this version.

6. Follow the Whales on their way Home

These exercises have kept you rather active in generating and utilizing your “ki”, your life force. Thus, we would like to give you some music to listen to when you want to take some time to rest and recharge your batteries.

You will be listening to the recorded sounds of whales communicating with each other as they make their way home. The sounds of the whales are overlaid onto a music track specially composed by Henri Roggemen, the composer of all the music for our course. We offer you this music because we feel that whales express tremendous “ki” as they travel thousands of miles every year going back and forth between their feeding and breeding grounds. We hope you will be inspired by their journey and the music!

Sit back, listen, and let your mind roam freely, as you take this journey with the whales.

The above gives an overview of Module 2 of the Traditional Japanese Stress Management Program. If you had purchased this module, all exercises would be available to you along with the downloads to keep. If you are interested in purchasing this module or others, click here for pricing.