Sometimes… When it rains it pours

Hi to all subscribers new and old,

There will not be a usual newsletter this week due to way too much on my plate, all at one time.

In the last ten days,
My long time teacher and dear friend, Eva Graf passed away,
My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer,
And one of my best friends was diagnosed with lung cancer.

I am doing OK emotionally, and yet I have had many extra tasks to take care of.

I could write a newsletter if I absolutely had to, but I am more in the mood to think, feel, and ponder.

My teacher Eva was an important part of my life for the last 35 years or so. All the basics of what I know how to do healing wise, I learned from Eva and her husband Gene. Eva had been suffering from the ravages of diabetes for quite some time, and her passing was not a surprise. She was one of the finest people I ever met, and she touched the lives of many in a very profound way. It’s sad to not have her around any more, but myself and others will continue to spread the life affirming principles she was so well known for.

I look forward to writing for all of you, in the coming weeks.


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