Interview with Stephen Gilligan – Part 1


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We interview Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D, a leader in the field of generative psychology, and learn his thoughts on how we can live a life that is less stressful and thus more emotionally fulfilling.

Due to the length of the interview, we split our talk into two parts. If you are looking for Part 2, you can find it here.

In Part 1 of the interview, we discuss a variety of topics with Stephen including:

  • A brief overview of Stephen’s work which he calls “Generative Self”, and how we can mindfully and creatively empower ourselves and be present in the moment
  • Stephen’s thoughts on Stress Management and how sustained “neuromuscular locks” lead to stress in our systems, i.e. stress occurs when we stop the flow of life and/or energy moving through us
  • How Mushin Breathing can help a person get into a flow state, helps them reduce “thinking” from their logical mind, and thus can reduce stress
  • Three general filters that we tend to use: somatic filters (how your body is organized), cognitive filters (your belief, intentions, and interpretations), and field filters (how you represent the larger space around you), and how being in a generative state helps you be in connection with each of these filters and thus become more creative
  • Four ways of shutting down: Fight, Flight, Freeze, and Fold (the four “Fs”) — these are the “toxins” that are diluting your consciousness and keeping your from living creatively
  • How coaching and workshops are part of a continuous “path” for improvement and not a “silver bullet” — if you’re not “practicing”, your not going to develop the skills to live a fulfilling life
  • Three positive connections: get a positive intention, get a positive intention to your somatic center, and make sure that you have positive connections to resources in your life.
  • Expanding our concept of “self” by tapping into the resources in our life

We finish our interview in the next episode. For more information about Stephen Gilligan, you can go to .


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