We offer these testimonials in order to help you to understand more about the overall Seishindo process. By reading about the value that others have gotten out of their Seishindo experience, you might have a better sense of how you too can benefit from this work.

General comments about Charlie’s work
Executive Coaching
Life Coaching
Health and Bodywork
Seishindo workshops

General comments

Testimonial - Judith DelozierInnovative in the field of NLP
“Charlie Badenhop has been a member of and a contributor to the NLP community for many years. He has brought his knowledge of the martial arts to NLP and shared the movements, philosophy, and art of the special relationship with self and others that can be achieved through Aikido. Charlie has a keen interest in the body as a system with memory, learning ability and problem solving skills. He has held this belief in the face of the cognitive approach which is most prevalent. Charlie has created many innovations in this area that help people heal body, heart and soul.

He has explored deeply the learning process and achieved great results in language learning and other areas. Well there are many more wonderful things I could say about Charlie, but now I will say the last but not the least in any way. Charlie is a kind and true friend. With respect and love,”

— Judith Delozier, co-founder of NLP and co-developer of New Code NLP.

Testimonials - Stephen GilliganDeep understanding of mindbody relatedness
“Charlie Badenhop is a gifted somatic healer with unique skills and intuitive capacities. His deep understanding of mindbody relatedness comes from extensive experience in many areas – e.g., aikido, hypnosis, NLP, and Japanese healing arts – and is especially helpful to all those interested in promoting wellness in self and others.”

— Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D., the founder of Self-Relations Therapy and author of “The Courage to Love”, www.stephengilligan.com

Intense, powerful, and respectful of a person’s self-hood
“Charlie Badenhop’s work is intense and powerful. At the same time, he is very respectful of a person’s self-hood and personal boundaries. I highly recommend him.”

— Terry Tailor Smith, family therapist

Testimonials - Robert RosselGenerous teacher, healer, and mindbody practitioner.
Through our mutual association with Steven Gilligan, the noted founder of Self-relations therapy, I have come to appreciate Charlie as a gifted somatic healer and mindbody practitioner. He combines a depth understand of somatic processes through his extensive NLP background with an artful application of a lifetime of experience in hypnosis, aikido and Japanese healing arts. I have learned from him over the years and come to appreciate him as someone who models integrity, vision, and humility in his coaching practice. Charlie it has been an honor and great pleasure to know you.

— Robert Rossel, Ph.D. Author, Life Coach and Grief Counselor

Executive Coaching

Tony Padgett“Charlie is a definite ‘out-of-the-box’ thinker and very intuitive career and personal coach. He in an expert in human behavior and is excellent at helping other get through life challenges, both personal and business. He’s always there for you in the tough times and knows how to bring out the best in you in the best of times.”

— Tony Padgett, Manager

“Charlie, you are truly a lion tamer! You took a bunch of wild animals, (including myself as the supposed leader) and helped turn us into an efficient, creative, synergistic team. I must say, there are still days when I look back and wonder how in the world you did it! You are a great coach and role model, and a wonderful human being. Thanks so much!”

— Managing Director, Investment Banking

“I first saw Charlie giving a presentation that even in a public setting was able to give an impressive glimpse of his approach to the issues that his clients bring him. One-to-one, he emphasises the mind-body connection and the need to bring the whole system into balance. Issues in the mind can have physical effects and physical difficulties can cause mental blocks. Charlie addresses both. He can give therapy to loosen physical problems while working on the thoughts that helped to create them and to reconcile the conflicts that many of us feel. I was also fortunate to be able to call on Charlie’s services in the business arena. He was able to give some telling advice on strategy in a key business negotiation that gave me a much better outcome than if I had worked on it only by myself.”

— Tim Coomber, Chief Catalyst, Platform One

“Working with Charlie offered me the opportunity to deeply engage myself in life’s many paradoxes. Charlie himself can be seriously funny, irreverently respectful, fiercely tender, and a wise man and a fool.

And experiencing these paradoxical qualities in Charlie, gave me the permission and freedom to explore and revel in the many paradoxes that make up “me”. Indeed I discovered if I try and hide certain parts of myself, my charisma seriously dissolves and I’m a lot less effective as a leader!

Working with Charlie you get to experience that your “problem” is offering you the opportunity to work on the life you truly desire, instead of settling for less. In other words, in some important way your problem is a gift you’ve been refusing to receive. If it wasn’t for your many problems, you’d likely be less of a person!”

— VP of Corporate Social Responsibility, Global Financial Institution

“What I enjoyed most about my coaching with Charlie is the obvious wealth of knowledge and experience he can easily access and share with me. I also was very impressed that from our very first meeting after listening to me, he was able to draw out on a large piece of paper the “story” I had told him and then cut it down to size and help focus on the key issues.

My concerns in the beginning was that no one would be able to understand the particular situation I was in, which was a concern quickly resolved. Charlie was not at all passive in his coaching. He used his resources and contacts to get a better understanding of my perceptions to either reinforce or offer a different perspective which in most cases was more productive.

I have walked away with useful tools which I can apply to future professional and personal situations. I was able to construct more cohesive ways to articulate what I was doing as my bosses were offshore and that added communication technique was necessary and appreciated. I would recommend working with Charlie simply to have access to his years of knowledge and experience and to use him as a resource on your side.”

— Michael Clemmons, Global Banking Executive

Testimonials - Steve Levin“Learning from Charlie, I feel safe to be exactly who I am. As a coach to senior executives, I need ways to work deeply with people who are skeptical about anything non-linear. Charlie combines in-depth understanding with practical methods. His insight and intuition make him a master. Better still, unlike many masters, he is as unpretentious about himself as he is generous with his knowledge. As a learner, I feel safe to be exactly who I am, because Charlie is so straightforward about his humanity.”

— Steve Levin, Organizational development consultant and executive coach

Testimonials - Molly Gordon“Working with Charlie opened a new territory in which to experience, explore, and develop my awareness. As a result, it is easier for me to adapt to changing conditions in business and in life with intelligence and grace.”

— Molly Gordon, President, Shaboom, Inc., www.mollygordon.com

“My work with Charlie has been so important in helping me to understand that my professional life and my personal life are not nearly as separate as I had thought. This has been a great revelation. Why? Because it helped me finally start to understand about this gnawing dissatisfaction I had which was slowly eating away at everything I did. After our work together I feel like I have a new perspective on life which is much more positive in general. I have come to understand that a totally happy life requires satisfaction both personally and professionally. This has really led me to change the way I think about my career, and it has also been a major influence in helping me to change the way I manage others. Thanks so much.”

— Cheryl McCarron, Sales and Marketing Manager

Life Coaching

“Charlie has a remarkable ability to quickly get at root cause of personal effectiveness issues. Our converstaions and his guidance seemed directed from some inner spring of wisdom. For personal effectiveness coaching and sessions, I highly recommend Charlie.”

— William Spencer

“Charlie has the uncanny ability to assess character and design processes that get to the heart of whatever challenge has been presented to his client. However, his gift lies in the ability to move the client through the problem, using a combination of approaches, allowing real and lasting change to take place. I highly encourage anyone who is feeling stuck, either in business or personal life, to take advantage of Charlie’s work.”

— Carol Clayton

“I have studied Charlie’s Seishindo system for around 3 years now, on recommendation from Judith DeLozier. Charlie has managed to integrate mindfulness, somatics and the intelligence (consciousness) of the body into a practical yet powerful system that has brings about paradigm shifts in human potential. From my experience of yoga etc I find these are very powerful modalities and I am very grateful for how Charlie gracefully and creatively melds cognitive intelligence (and NLP) with the even more powerful intelligence of the body. Seishindo really is at the leading edge in the human potential movement.”

— Sue Tupling

“Charlie, I read some of the kudos written by others, and this has spurred me to write something myself. I came to you initially as a professional opera singer wanting to enhance my performances, but I have come away with this and so much more. Because of the freeing experience I have had as a human being I am now able to live each day with a fuller freedom of focus that allows my creative energies to touch and be touched by all that is happening around me. You have helped me to get off a path that was leading me towards physical and professional destruction, and guided me onto a new path, heading in a direction that allows me to perform and connect with not only my audiences, but also the people I encounter in my everyday life. For anyone in the arts, Charlie’s work teaches you to move with the forces that are within and around you. He helps you to synthesize the difficulties you sometimes struggle with, into a fuel that helps to ignite your creative process. In short, he helps you to transform your life, and the way in which you approach your art.”

— Lori Ernest, Professional opera singer, New Jersey

“Charlie Badenhop is an extraordinary man. For me, his work offers great insights into the unity of mind and body in clear, simple language that is immediately graspable and at the same time shatters any rigid conceptions one might be holding. The practices I have learned from Charlie are simple, doable, and carry the potential of delivering profound changes.
I experience Charlie as a deeply honest, direct, open, powerful, and humble man. He is both an unforgettable character, and a real inspiration to me.”

— Mary Ann Giorgio, C. S. W., Brooklyn, New York

“Charlie, I feel that you have done more to awaken me to life and help me travel through pain than anyone I know or any experience I have ever had. What little I understand of your work has also been life altering for one client and life revealing for 4 others to an extent that now I am striving to find the tools to help them continue to heal. The personal and professional process has been both challenging and rewarding as I search for balance and harmony for myself and others. It is simultaneously difficult and delightful to work with you. Thank you Charlie, you are always in my heart.”

— Julie, San Diego

“Charlie, your coaching is direct, to the point, gentle, and very powerful. In a short amount of time you have helped me to make substantial changes in the way I approach my life. Now I know that ‘Nothing lasts forever’ means only that. Happiness will evaporate, and so will sadness. Realizing the truth of nothing lasting forever I am now drawn with great excitement to consider. ‘WHAT will come next?!’ Thanks for helping me to live more fully.”

— Anonymous

“Charlie, you have this incredible ability to notice what is missing from the whole, and then you help to restore fullness. Or, perhaps I should say you have an incredible ability to notice what your clients think is a missing part of them, and then help them to find that lost part within themselves. You have helped me to find a piece of myself that I had been looking for for many years. Thank you so much for such a precious experience.”

— John, Philadelphia

Health and Bodywork

“I had the great luck of attending one of Charlie’s whole day workshops during one of his rare appearances in the DC area. His very profound, hands-on seminar touched the core of all participants – through our bodies into our souls. His intense individual work with each one of us was deeply touching and profoundly healing. I have never felt so relaxed and deeply at peace, at the end of a seminar. His style is warm and compassionate and his practice hypnotizingly efficient. I hope to be able to experience this again! And wish for you that you will too.”

— Pascale Brady

Testimonials - Eddie Marmol“I suffered from severe migraine headaches for many years. I had gone to many doctors, had many tests done, but to no avail. They couldn’t do anything for me. Even the strongest painkillers were useless. At the onset of a migraine, I would just lie in bed for a day or so until it went away. Then, I attended one of Charlie Badenhop’s courses. I felt as if I were awakening from a dream. On the evening of the first day, however, I was with my business partner and felt a migraine coming on. I knew the drill by now and began to envision the following day in my hotel bed. Then, my partner reminded me of what Charlie had taught us that day regarding the concept of trapped energy, and how it can cause illness in the body. We were in a restaurant, yet he had me stand up and practice some of the postures we had just learned, with the intent of releasing trapped energy. To make a long story short, the migraine dissipated within 30 minutes. That incident took place in 2002. I have not had a migraine ever since. Thank you, Charlie!”

— Eddie Marmol, Executive & Organizational Coach, USA.

“I initially contacted Charlie because for the last twelve years or so I was often waking up very early in the morning with a burning sensation in my stomach. The sensation was rather unpleasant and this situation led to a regular lack of sleep, and fatigue during the work day. I tried different medications and had every test imaginable but nothing seemed to work.

I first came to a four hour class that Charlie holds once a month in Tokyo. During this class I learned how to keep my body physically balanced, and as a result I was able to gain a better mental balance as well. I also learned how to breathe differently, and I was able to feel definitely more centered.

With these preparations, I had a private session with Charlie. Working with a kind of guided imagery, my mind was able to slow down to reach peace and warmth. In parallel with this process, it helped me a great deal to be conscious of the correspondence between my linguistic behavior and my internal physical state of being. The results I achieved, along with my continued practice are well beyond my expectations. My stomach irritation has evaporated and I am now more rested when I wake. This is a great relief for me, and it is likely to change my life. I am grateful to Charlie for his help.”

— Kichiro Hayashi, Tokyo, Japan

“Earlier this year I had a session on Somatic Intelligence with Charlie Badenhop. The results were quite astounding! Tensions I had been carrying for years in my left side from the jaw to the hip evaporated! As a result, I no longer need a mouthguard at night, and I have not used it in the eight months since the session.

The physical dynamics of the session also facilitated a shift in my mood and ‘way of being’ with myself as well. And while this is difficult to articulate in a tangible sense, it is no less dramatic than the physical results I experienced during and after the one session. I have a renewed sense of wonder at what our bodies ‘know’ and will teach us – this session created a bridge for me to tune-in and listen. I highly recommend Somatic-Intelligence!”

— Grace Bumgardner, Annapolis, Maryland

Seishindo Teleclasses & Tele-coaching

Testimonials - Joyce Cunningham“I am learning so much from the Seishindo telecourses I’ve been taking with Charlie! There is an intimate, trusting environment created that is much more than I would have ever expected over the phone. Pretty amazing actually! We get the opportunity to interact and learn from each other, and, most importantly, we each get to learn about ourselves. I think part of what helps to create such a special environment is that Charlie keeps the classes much smaller than most offerings from other people. The small group leads to a wonderful sense of kinship with the others in the class.

I have been grateful for the kind support and attention I’ve received from Charlie and the group in these telecourses. Charlie has read widely and his experience both professional and personal comes through clearly in each session as he gently guides people to make changes big and small. Personally I find that my life is becoming fuller and more meaningful. I’m benefiting from the many diverse elements Charlie weaves into his work. His interactions with me have helped me increase my awareness of myself and others. The classes have assisted me in facing some of my fears which in turn, inevitably lead to me feeling better about myself.

There is one very practical thing about the teleclasses I would like to mention. It’s so great to come into my office, turn on the computer, and phone into the teleclass. No travel time, no commuting. Just settling back in the quiet of my space to devote special time to myself, at a convenient moment in the week.
I’ve taken the time to write this kudo because I’d really like to encourage others to experience Charlie’s work. I am pretty certain you’ll come away feeling like you have received something truly special.”

— Joyce Cunningham, Japan

“Charlie, I didn’t know what to think at first. I’ve seen you do some wonderful work in person, and I was hard put to understand how you could do anything vaguely similar over the phone. Now, after having had a few phone coaching sessions with you I am a believer. It is fascinating for me to begin to better understand how you slow things down and soothe people, whether in person, on the phone, or the middle of cyber space. I am looking forward to taking your teleclasses on somatic coaching. I really want to learn how to do what you do, so I can reach a larger coaching audience.”

— Frank Masters, New York

Testimonials - Lynne Tolk“I really appreciated the telecourse. For the first time I actually experienced the difference between being in my head & not being in my head. Right after leaving the call yesterday, I suddenly realized I don’t have to keep getting into the stories I keep worrying about, but instead I can simply stay present with whatever is true in the moment. Sounds so simple, but yet it was a revelation! Thank you!”

— Lynne Tolk, Certified Coach, Boise, Idaho http://www.lifedirectionscoach.com

Seishindo Workshops

Testimonials - Connie MacKinnon“My experience of Charlie and the practices of Seishindo have been nothing short of profound. By tapping into my own somatic and emotional sources of wisdom, I can now come from an authentic place in bringing these practices to my executive coaching clients. I was awed at the life-changing insights participants in his workshops were able to experience with his gentle and humble guidance.”

— Connie MacKinnon, Executive Coach & Management Consultant, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“Hello everybody, the feelings I have had since the Seishindo workshop are not explainable in words but very fantastic nonetheless. For the first time in my life I feel love for myself. My somatic intelligence has done its work, and this is a very interesting process! Something has really changed. And after all of this, I find myself feeling healthy, without pills or any special supplements, for the first time in many years.

I am so thankful, and I am also very thankful to all of you who attended the workshop, for supporting me in such a wonderful loving manner. I wanted to share this experience with you all. Through the warmth and love that I got from you, something has changed within me. The image of all of you when you were sitting around me, this I shall always carry with me.”

— Corry Brons, Belgium

Testimonials - Angela Scherma“The Seishindo workshop ‘Pure Heart Simple Mind’ was the most profound and extraordinary workshop that I have ever attended. Profound because of the miraculous changes that have occurred in me and extraordinary because of the unique methods used to generate those changes.”

— Angela Scherma, Sales and Service Manager; FOXTEL (News Corporation Cable Coy), Australia

“I first met Charlie at a workshop facilitated by Stephen Gilligan and I was immediately interested in Charlie’s concept of ‘somatic intelligence. In attending one of Charlie’s workshops at a later date, what I recall most is the warmth of his compassionate presence, and his loving care for all of the students. He offered me a new way to understand and appreciate myself.

Since then I have been to every workshop Charlie has given in Europe. I have learned many things, and what still impresses me most is the feeling that I get of being connected with myself, the other workshop participants, the world, and the universe. A feeling that is so difficult to put into words. I always take home the knowledge that I am a wonderful, unique person, who is ‘just right’ the way I am.”

— Kirsten Hinrichsen, Heilpraktikerin, Munchen (Munich)

“As a consultant, trainer, and coach in communication and leadership Charlie has offered me a variety of tools and experiences that go much further than what I had already learned as an NLP trainer and breathworker. His workshops are excellent, and his approach to coaching has made a major change in my personal life as well as helping me to enrich the lives of my clients.

Forgiveness, love, acceptance and protection are key concepts in Charlie’s work, and as we come to discover, key concepts in the workplace as well. Although these terms may sound rather ‘new age’ or ‘soft’, they form the basis for a work environment to which people want to belong. It is time indeed to approach people in a holistic and humane manner if we want to unleash their creativity and commitment. This is exactly what Charlie does in his revolutionary workshops. He helps to create the kind of safe environment that invites people to discover their hidden potential, and their desire to play a more active role in determining their destiny.

Beware, if you go to a workshop with this intuitive, compassionate trainer, life will never be the same again!”

— Danielle De Wilde, Consultant, Trainer, and Coach, Belgium.

“A good self-understanding is very important today during the tremendous changes currently ongoing in our working and social life. Attending the workshop in New York gave me a unique opportunity to learn mind-body connections in ways that were entertaining, energizing and unforgettable. The Seishindo workshop will help me to go through changes with a larger degree of confidence and with an increased feeling of joy.”

— Ulf Sundberg, Business Executive

Testimonials - Catherine Poissonnier“I’ve taken two workshops with Charlie & Marleen. Their work has taught me how to make a better connection between my body, mind & soul. As a psychologist I have learned to access and trust the wisdom of my body, and no longer always require my intellect to lead the way. I often hear in my mind Charlie saying ‘take a deep breath’, and I more and more realize that breathing is one of the most important elements in being solution oriented. The priciples of fierceness tenderness and playfulness, I now often use in my coaching work as well. The Seishindo Somatic Coaching workshops have helped me strengthen and solidify my work as a coach. The more often I am able to find my physical and emotional balance, the more often my clients and myself find our place of inner power. I am discovering how to get to the core essence of verbal-somatic communication and I can thus offer more options to my clients while staying connected to my inner source of wisdom.”

“Ik volgde twee maal de workshop bij Charlie en Marleen. De workshop leerde me beter de verbinding maken tussen body, mind & soul. Ik heb nu als psycholoog veel meer toegang tot wat het lichaam al weet, nog vooraleer we ons daar met ons denken bewust van zijn. Ik hoor Charlie nog vaak zeggen ‘take a deap breath’, een zo belangrijk element in het leven en bij de begeleiding. De pijlers tenderness, fierceness en playfulness uit de Aikido gebruik ik heel vaak bij mijn coachings. Ik kan stellen dat deze workshops me helpen bij mijn begeleidingswerk en dat ze me steviger in het zadel hebben gezet, meer balans, meer innerlijke kracht, meer komen tot de essentie, en daardoor meer opties kunnen aanreiken aan de cliënt en tegelijk dicht bij mezelf kunnen blijven.

— Catherine Poissonnier, Improve b.v.b.a. Belgium

“As an Aikido student, I am very inspired by the way Charlie combines essential principles from that art for people to apply in every facet of their lives. His work rings a lot of familiar notes that expand things I’ve been thinking about for years.

By taking his Aikido practice off the mat and extending it into the world, Charlie has developed a unique approach to healing and personal growth. The extension of his practice is really well constructed, and he is able to clearly convey the feeling of the fundamental principles experienced during long term Aikido practice. The direct experience of these principles in a way that is accessible for anyone is a great gift. He has the ability to communicate his ideas with a clarity of feeling, and an exposition of self, that is empowering and uplifting.”

— Vaughn Brandt, Patients Rights Specialist and Aiki-Extensions Board Member, Madison, Wisconsin. www.aiki-extensions.org

“I have been a subscriber of Charlie’s newsletter for a while, and recently I had the pleasure of attending a workshop he gave in Burlington, Vermont as his guest. It was a treat to get to experience Charlie as someone who fully embodies the principles he espouses in Seishindo. Even though I don’t practice NLP, I was able to learn a lot by simply ‘listening’ to Charlie work – his manner, his approach, his connection to everyone in the room was palpable, powerful, and provocative. Charlie’s writings have a way of illuminating areas of confusion for me, and his workshop was no different.

Charlie has a generous heart which has shown itself in many ways to me, even though we had never met until I appeared as a guest at his workshop. Over the years he has never failed to reply to an email from me, no matter how small, and he is one of the few resources I can always count on to teach me something about myself and the world around me. I find him respectful, challenging, and a true mensch. Thank you, Charlie, for sharing your knowledge, time, and heart, both online and in person.”

Linda Hsu, LMT

“I’ve taken many workshops in different modalities and I can say that the work Charlie does really delivers. Learning from him and participating in the demonstrations provides a profound impact that you have to experience to believe. Paradoxically, I think it is Charlie’s informal, playful style that makes it ‘easy’ for him to touch people on such a deep level. I’ve learned so much from the workshop and have been greatly impacted by participation – Highly recommended.”

Cliff Young Reston, Virginia