The Future is Now

This Practice is designed to help you achieve your current goals, from the perspective of the future. Once you can experience the present from the perspective of the future, you will realize that you already have everything you want and need.

As always, you might want to read through the instructions several times so that you can do this Practice without needing to read the notes.

1. Think of a way of being that you would like to be fully embodying.

For instance, being a successful manager in your workplace, or getting along well with your spouse.

2. Imagine yourself already having achieved the goal that you just specified, and make an “I am” statement which signifies you have already accomplished your goal.

For instance, “I am a successful manager at work.” Or, “I am getting along really well with my husband, and enjoying married life.”

Place this statement in the center of an unlined piece of paper.

3. The general experience of success.

In a random manner, write in various locations on your paper how you experience yourself now that you have already achieved your goal.

For instance, in regard to managing people successfully you might experience yourself as being – Calm, friendly but firm, confident yet low key, a good listener, open to new ideas, respectful of others, etc.

4. Imagine an actual scene in which you are manifesting what you have been wanting. Describe how things look, and how you look, by writing down short phrases on the same piece of paper.

For instance (in regard to work): I have a smile on my face, I am with my junior managers, sunlight is shining through the window, I am wearing my favorite black suit, I look at my employees with a friendly gaze, etc.

5. Imagine the sounds you hear as your are successfully achieving your goal, and write down how you sound as well.

For instance: My voice is strong yet soft, there is a lively buzz in the room as people respond positively to my ideas, at times there is a reassuring silence.

6. This time, write down the physical sensations you experience as you regularly achieve your goal.

For instance: Slow breathing emanating from my stomach, a soft gaze, a warm feeling in my chest, a feeling of freedom of movement.

7. Begin to recreate the future in the present.

Sit comfortably…. Breathe deeply several times….

Take some time and slowly read through in a random manner, the various words and phrases you have placed on your piece of paper…. Speak the words out loud….

Read a word or two, and then pause and breathe deeply…. Read a phrase or two, and then pause again, and breathe deeply….. Repeat as many words and phrases as you like….

Take about five minutes for this process.

8. Pause and reflect.

Take a couple of moments and sit with your eyes closed while reflecting on
the experience you are having….

Let yourself have a feeling of floating, as some of the words and images you evoked a few minutes ago, might once again float through your mind….

Sit for a minute or two, or even longer if it feels right….

9. Recreate the future once again.

When you are ready, open your eyes, and once again cycle through the words and phrases on your paper.

10. When you feel done, once again sit and reflect. When you are ready, write down some of your thoughts and feelings on a separate piece of paper. Keep this paper and later in the day, or the next day, reflect on what you have written.

Go through this 10 step process on a regular basis for a couple of weeks or so. It is likely that you will receive a good deal of benefit from this process.

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