The more you resist, the more you restrict… what is possible

1. Introduction

Today’s newsletter is a rewrite of an article I published several years ago. In looking through my archives to draw inspiration I found the following to still hold great interest for me.


There are two sides to every coin.
The opposite of something you believe to be true, can also be true,
And from time to time I find it important to remember this.
Niels Bohr said, “The opposite of a fact is a falsehood, but the opposite of one profound truth may very well be another profound truth.”

Today’s article is titled “The more you resist, the more you restrict what is possible.” I think there’s some important wisdom in this statement.
And yet someone might write back to me saying “I find what you wrote to be importantly incorrect. If I had not resisted the drugs my friends were offering me, I would have severely restricted what I am capable of doing and being.”

In such a case I would likely write back and say, “Yes, you are correct. Often, the opposite of what appears to be true, is also true, and thus I invite you to consider the possibility of a larger truth, a larger context. Context determines meaning.“

Today’s article is a compilation of notes that were written up on flip charts during a Seishindo workshop. Each workshop, no matter what the content, is rather improvisational in nature. The reason for this is that I attempt to draw out the wisdom that’s inherent in each group. I follow this process because I’m very much aware that “I” am not the only one in the group who has something important to share, something of value to teach. The wisdom residing in the group is much fuller, much wiser, than the wisdom residing only in Charlie.

What’s written below are not “my” words, but rather, the collective wisdom of the people attending the workshop.


2. The more you resist, the more you restrict… what is possible

It’s your emotional state that tells you whether or not you’re resisting what’s taking place in and around you.
When you’re upset, you’re resisting what is,
Because it doesn’t match what you want.
The more you resist, the more you restrict…
What is possible.


Before focusing on what you want out of life, you’ll do well to focus on what you’re gladly willing to give,
In advance.

Give first,
To prime the pump of receiving.
When you empty yourself by giving,
You wind up with the capacity to receive much more.

All of life involves give and take,
Like inhaling and exhaling.
When you give you also take, when you take you also give.

In order to receive what you truly want and need,
In order to set the stage to fully receive,
You must first let go of what you currently don’t have.


What you’re experiencing and feeling right now, is the residual effect of your past beliefs and thinking.
In order to have a new experience and feel differently, you’ll need to change what you’re thinking about, and what you believe to be true.


The difference between your hopes and your fears, is what determines who you become.
It’s through focusing on what you want and don’t want, that you become who you are.


You can continue to focus on the hardships you’ve encountered, the bad treatment you’ve received,
Wanting to right the wrong,

Or instead,
You can begin to focus on what you truly want.
The choice is yours.

Retribution and self fulfillment,
Are rarely served on the same plate.


Quiet your thinking mind and your soul will move you towards what you truly want and need.
If you want more than you already have,
Focus first on being thankful,
For what you already have.

The more you’re able to appreciate what you do have, without trying to hold on to what you have,
The more you’ll have to share with others,
And the more goodness you’ll attract.

The better able you are to softly focus on what you do want,
What you don’t want will tend to dissolve.

Whatever you desire over the course of time,
Be it having or not having,
Be it doing away with or receiving,
You’ll wind up strengthening and materializing.

As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, either way you’ll wind up being correct!”

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