The power and beauty of an ugly duckling- What is your element?

How do you perceive of yourself as a person? Consider the three different and separate domains a duck inhabits, and you will come to understand what it means to be in your element.

Certainly the phrase “ugly duckling” must have been coined by someone watching a duck waddle around on land. If indeed “waddling” is the only thing a duck could do, I imagine they might feel more than a tiny bit embarrassed and awkward. One thing would be certain. They could never win the 100 yard dash, if the competition was opened up to include all the rest of the animal kingdom.

Have you not also had the chance to see a duck slip into the water and effortlessly glide past, as if they might be sightseeing? The moment they make contact with the water they appear to be more elegant and serene. All of a sudden they seem to belong; to be in their element. If you had not previously seen them waddling, it would be hard to imagine they had even an ounce of awkwardness.

Even if ducks inhabited only these two domains the change we perceive in their presence and power would be exceptional. But the real moment of truth in understanding “duckness” comes when they heed the call of the wild, and lift off into the sky. Instantly you understand they embody a set of design criteria that was not previously evident, and their power and beauty is a sight to behold. Now the term “ugly duckling” is hard to comprehend.

Who a duck is, and how they are in the world, changes radically depending on the domain they are inhabiting. Are you not very much the same? In some domains you excel, and in other domains… well let’s face it, you waddle.

But please understand something very important, and hold this knowledge close to your heart. Not only does your waddling not detract from your ability to fly, in some mysterious way, it helps you to fly even better.

Who you are is always changing. And at the same time, who you are is always staying the same. Keep in touch with your ability to fly, regardless of where you are or who you are with. You have been designed to prevail and excel. Your grace, power, and beauty are inherent.

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