The River of Life Flows Through Us–Level 1: Basic

By engaging in this Practice, you will be able to feel the calmness and life force that emanates when we feel into the continuity that moves through us.

As always, we suggest that you read through the instruction below once, twice, or more, until you feel that you can perform this Practice without needing to stay stuck to the words on the page.

Begin this Practice only after you feel confident that you understand the basics of what you will be doing.

Use the words on the page as gentle suggestions that you can tap into from time to time, and not a rigid set of procedures that need to be followed to the letter.

We suggest that you take a minimum of five minutes to perform this Practice.


Sit quietly and feel yourself.
Breathe fully several times…….
And give permission to yourself to spontaneously express the movements that occur at every given moment.

What is suggested here, is to “do nothing” except for sitting…. being aware of yourself and your surroundings…. and allowing your natural unfettered movements to come to the forefront of your consciousness.

If you are alive, there is always movement, and there is no need to orchestrate these movements with your rational mind.

Invite your somatic self to do as it desires.
Invite and allow your somatic self to express itself through the movements that are “already” occurring.
Allow your body to be calm, and move if and when it wants to move.

Please do not “do something” to “make” your body move. Simply notice and allow the movements that are already there.
The movements of your rib cage and stomach as you breathe…. changes in your facial expression…. an itching on the surface of your skin…. an exchange of energy, oxygen, and carbon dioxide…. the beating of your heart…. a pulsating feeling that leads to a gentle rocking of your torso…. the desire to adjust the way your head is sitting on top of your spine…. a softening of your visual field…. the body sensations of freedom or restriction…. and the motion of emotion.

Each movement grows out of body impulse, instinct, intuition, and the needs of the system, and not from the dictates of your rational mind.

Invite your somatic self to show you the way it wants you to move, rather than having your rational mind tell you what IT wants you to do.

Be in a state of not knowing what will occur next…. and discover new pathways that delight you and expand your movement capacity, as you sit calmly and wait….
Feel how and where your body wants to move and not move…. moment by moment…. Invite and allow your body to lead you.

When you feel like you are done for now, take a few moments to think about your experience.

This Practice takes its inspiration from two sources. Continuum, and Jerzy Grotowski.

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