The River of Life – Level II

Develop your river of life.

Now take a moment and let that experience rest.

State to yourself an aspiration that you would like to achieve…..Turn your aspiration into an “I am” statement…….

Revivify your river of life.
Say your “I am” statement out loud and notice your body.
Feel which part(s) of your body seem to want some attention…. Give the soft furry animal of your body what it wants.

“You can become curious about how to live inside any particular part of your body while connecting to your “I am” statement.”
“You can experiment with tensing until you naturally want to “relax completely.” You can shake or vibrate parts of your body, and at times you can be completely still.”

“You can twist parts of your body, or you can keep your torso straight and your arms by your side….Repeat your “as if” statement, and notice how that effects how you feel.”
“You can rub parts of your body, you can arch your back, sink down into your hips and legs, or do anything else that your somatic self seems to be wanting. And now from time, say your “I am” statement out loud, and notice how it feels when it is out there in the world.”
“Pay attention to your desire to do or not do, to be or to change, and let whatever happens take its own course. Repeating your “I am” statement to your self.”

“Feel into the joints of your body. Feel into your wrists, your elbows, your shoulder joints, your rib cage, your hips and pelvis, your knees, your ankles……Exclaiming your “I am” statement to the world. Now Stop! And do absolutely nothing. Can you do that? ”

“Now…..if you’d like, you may make some tiny, tiny movements with your joints. Explore your joints as you would explore a miniature world. There is so much room and freedom in your joints, and you can completely relax your joints so that you can feel into this freedom.” “Now, feel free to do something different, anything different, with the parts of your body that you are noticing, and at the same time keep your as if statement in your heart.”

“Be attentive to any “messages” – emotion, images, words, understandings – that arise in you as you feel more and more deeply into yourself and you explore new ways to express yourself. Notice how shifting your way of moving……and not moving your body… impacts your connection to your “as if” state, and to your self……

These explorations take their inspiration from Jerzy Grotowski and Continuum.

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