Traditional Japanese Stress Management

The Traditional Japanese Stress Management program melds the exercises and theoretical principles of Aikido and Noguchi Sei Tai, with Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and recent discoveries in neuroscience research. By engaging in our exercises you will be guided through a process that helps you to feel more alive and at peace in your everyday life. Little by little, you will notice that your stress melts away and is replaced by a feeling of calm confidence.

This program consists of two modules: 1) Breathe, Presence, and Tranquility and 2) Generating & Utilizing Ki. An outline of each modules is listed below. The modules use a variety of rich visual imagery, interactive video, verbal guidance, and specially-composed music, to help you experience clarity of mind and a release of excess muscular tension. As you learn how to slow down and experience the fullness of the present moment, you will come to realize that you do have all the resources necessary to live the life you truly desire. The slower you go, the sooner you will reach your destination!


The modules can be purchased independently in any order, but purchasing both will give you a richer, deeper experience. You can purchase one module now and the other at a later time if you like. You can stream all of the exercises directly from our site, and you can also download all of the videos, slideshows and audio to use on your computer or mobile devices. This gives you full access to all the materials for many years to come. You can view your purchase options here.

If you are curious to know more about what our program is like, please try our Mushin Breathing exercise. You will be treated to a variety of beautiful images and music as I guide you through the exercise. Just click here to have a look and a listen.

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And if you feel like you might need specialized help I would always be happy to engage in some coaching sessions with you. Just contact me and we can have an informal conversation. After talking you will have a better sense of what I have to offer and how I might be able to help you.

Your Japanese Traditional Stress Management Program is excellent. The graphics are beautiful, the colors pleasing, your rhythm and tone work exactly as I would wish for. All of the exercises flow together nicely, with down to earth explanations that were easy to follow.The exercises were worth their weight in gold, and I feel there is more to be gained the more I do them. The exercises are simple yet scalable. I have a lot of experience in breathwork and your program stands head and shoulders above most of the rest of what is out there. The entire program is a pleasure to take part in, and I am going to make these exercises the center point of my own bodywork, hypnosis, and movement work with my clients. You have truly struck gold, and so have I, by taking part in the program!
Stephen HawleyNLP Master Practitioner, Coach

Below is an outline of the exercises and media used. Click the title of either module to learn about it in greater detail.

Module 1: Breath, Presence, and TranquilityModule 2: Generating & Utilizing Ki
1. Mushin Breathing (Video + Music)
2. Slow Expansive Breathing (Audio Guidance + Music)
3. Mu Breathing (Video + Music)
4. Aikido Breathing – Demonstration (Audio Guidance + Music)
5. Aikido Breathing – Practice (Audio Guidance + Music)
1. Katsugen Undo – Demonstration (Video Guidance)
2. Katsugen Undo – Practice (Video Guidance + Music)
3. Priming the Pump (Video Guidance)
4. Aikido Chanting – Demonstration (Audio Guidance)
5. Aikido Chanting – Practice (Audio Guidance)
6. Follow the Whales on their way Home (Music)

Note: The background music used during specific exercises is also included in each respective module as a free download.