Wake up feeling refreshed and energized


Life ToolsWaking up feeling ready for the day ahead is one of the most important activities you can engage in. In this podcast, we teach you how to wake up feeling rested and energized by focusing on the positive aspects and relationships in your life.

This tool is one part of the Seishindo Stress Management program. After a brief introduction, the podcast will play the verbal guidance (no music) of the exercise, and then Charlie gives a debrief of why this program is effect and different from other programs. To learn more about the premium version of this program which contains the music and the downloadable files, please click the button below:



  • Time management skills is a life management skill that can help you in every area of your life. The weaker your time management skills are the more you will have on your mind when you go to sleep which lease you to be more unsettled and less ready to get on with your day when you wake up. So, good time management is very definitely a stress management skill.
  • Often, for many people, if they have difficultly in waking up and getting up, it is because they have not had a good night’s sleep. The easier it is for you to fall asleep, the easier it will usually be for you to wake up.
  • When it is time to wake up, if your head is filled with tasks that you don’t enjoy or relationship that are problematic, you won’t want to get up and face the day.
  • So, it is best to spend a few minutes when you first wake up and before you get out of bed to take a few minutes and think about the circumstances and relationships in life that you are thankful for. When you do such thinking, you will feel more energized.
  • To use the tool, best to set it to start playing about 15 minutes before you actually need to get up.
  • If you listen to this record at a time when you aren’t about to get up, just have a listen now as a preview and don’t be operating any heavy farm equipment 🙂 or doing anything else that requires that you are alert and paying attention.

Debrief (after listening to the exercise):

  1. What’s the purpose of thanking people you know and care about? It is important to keep in mind the people and circumstances in your life you are thankful for because this helps to significantly balance out the worry and stress you might have.
  2. Should we use this exercise every day or only on days we might feel we need a bit of extra help? Do this exercise as many times as it takes to make the overall process habitual for you.
  3. How is the exercise in this podcast different than the one in the Stress Management Program? The premium exercise in the Seishindo Stress Management program comes with some very gentle music playing in the background and makes the whole process more engaging. It makes a 2D experience into a 3D experience.

This is one part of the Seishindo Stress Management program. More information can be found here. The Before Sleeping exercise can be found at: http://seishindo.org/product/upon-waking/.


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