Stress Management, Executive Coaching, & Life Coaching

Hi, I’m Charlie Badenhop

I have been a therapist, coach, and consultant for about 35 years now. I currently coach both professionals and private individuals from around the world via video sessions, and I would love to help you live a healthier, more fulfilling life. One thing you can do is go to the Life Tools section of my site and listen to the sessions that seem interesting to you. These podcasts address many of the issues people bring to their coaching sessions. The heart of my work is based on this- You DO already possess the potential to live the life you truly desire. The idea is to learn how to activate your potential in the situations you currently find daunting. I can help you do just this because I believe in you, even when you are not yet fully believing in yourself. Life might not always be fair or easy, but you can definitely find a way to flourish. I will help you to uncover the strengths you very definitely have, and I will support you on your path.

You can go here to find out what many others have said about my work, and you can go here to read about my concepts on coaching. I would be happy to have a no cost “chemistry check” session with you to see if we are a good fit for each other. Feel free to first ask me any questions via email. You can reach me at My site has a wealth of articles on executive coaching, life coaching, emotional health & well-being, and relationship skills as well as a wide variety of practices related to Aikido and MindBody Integration (to name a few) right here on our site which you can read about in our Vault section above and use instantly. Why not bookmark the page you’re on right now, and when you have the time come back and have a look around again.

Currently I am transitioning all of my Stress Management, Mindfulness, and Breathing exercises over to YouTube. Everything available at no cost. Please do go have a look and subscribe to my channel. You can find my channel here. If some of the links on my site here are not implementing, it is because we are moving things over to YouTube.

Please let me know if I can be of service to you.