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Are you wanting to a live more emotionally fulfilling life and build better relationships? If so, we are here to support you using the Seishindo Transformation Method. Please check out our offerings below or browse through our menus at the top, most of which are free. If you have any questions, stop by our Forums and get a personalized response from one of our Seishindo Transformation Experts.Search Site

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Stress Management

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Would you like to feel more at ease in your life? We are here to help you with our Stress Management programs which you can experience right here on our site!

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Interview w/ Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D discussing “Generative Self”:

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Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Do you feel like you’re in a race but not moving ahead? Are you stuck in your career while others pass you by? Our transformational Life Coaching can help you with these challenges and many more.

Seishindo Store

Seishindo Store

Our Store offers a variety of premium programs in both video and audio format including how to reduce stress, sleep better, and wake up feeling energized – all of which can be instantly downloaded!

learn about stress management program

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Seishindo Store

You used to know where you were going….

thirstBut the anxiety and stress you experience every day, leaves you wondering if you’re heading in the right direction.

You can regain your thirst for life, and the sense of wonder and excitement you felt as a child… And the Seishindo team is here to help support you on your life journey.

Hi, I’m Charlie Badenhop
and I have developed a Stress Management program and coaching process that can help you live a healthier, more fulfilling life. If you’re wanting to de-stress and make a fresh start in your life, Seishindo has lots of tools and support to offer you. We also have a wealth of articles on executive coaching, life coachingemotional health & well-being, and relationship skills as well as a wide variety of practices related to Aikido and MindBody Integration (to name a few) right here on our site which you can read about in our Vault section above and use instantly.Why not bookmark the page you’re on right now, and when you have the time come back and have a look around again.