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You are capable of living the life you truly desire!

Life Coaching - PathThe path of your life is not a straight line

You thought you wanted success…You thought you had a dream…

But then “something” changed, and now you are wondering what you need to do to get your life back on track.

You can send me an email and I will reply to familiarize you with my coaching process, or you can simply continue to read more, and decide later.

Do these situations sound familiar?

  • You feel disheartened. You’re coping, but you’re sick of feeling overwhelmed. There’s little flow in your life, and you don’t know how to sort things out. How can you find the time and space to stop and think about what you want when you’ve got so much going on?
  • You’ve been on autopilot for too long, chasing a dream that no longer has meaning for you. Changing course feels scary, but the thought of staying where you are feels worse. Is it possible to rediscover the vitality and passion you used to have – without needing to do something radical?
  • The stress levels in your life have been way too high for way too long. You’re well aware of the impact stress has on your emotions and your health, and you hate what it does to your relationships. But short of quitting your job, locking your kids up till they’re adults, and moving to an ashram, what can you do?
  • You yearn for something more – but you don’t know what it is or where to find it. Somewhere along the way you lost your focus, lost your dream. You want – and need – to start over again. How can you connect with what you’re truly meant to be doing – and turn your dream into reality?
  • You’d like to be yourself with the people you love. It would be wonderful to feel safe enough to show up as who you are, without needing to wear masks. You’re both drawn to and terrified by the possibility of deeper emotional connection with those you care for.

You want to build the self-confidence you need to express who you truly are in the world. 

Life Coaching - blossomAre you ready to blossom?

What would it be like to appreciate your challenges, instead of feeling overwhelmed by them?

My clients have experienced a mix of love, fulfilment, success, and supportive relationships at various times in their life – and have somehow lost their footing.

And they are seeing that a good life truly isn’t measured by money and possessions. They’re redefining success. Seeing that relationships, shared love, and a healthy, positive outlook is where true happiness lies.

They know in the bottom of their hearts that there’s a better, more rewarding way to live, to share their lives with others – even if it seems painfully distant right now.

When you engage fully and take responsibility for your life, your challenges become stepping-stones instead of obstacles. Just as an athlete relishes the exertion of going for the gold, or a musician appreciates the effort of mastering a difficult piece, you can experience challenges as opportunities to stretch and grow.

If this sounds like what you would like to explore, I invite you to send me an email and I will reply with with an email to familiarize you with my coaching process, or you can simply continue to read more, and decide later.

You also might like to take a look at what other clients have said about our work together.

There is great beauty in your lifeLife Coaching - Beauty

How Seishindo Life Coaching works

As Westerners, we try to solve our problems by seeking counsel and advice, whether with friends, through therapy, or with a life coach.

In Asia, people are more likely to meditate on their challenges and perform practices to help them wake up to their own wisdom.

Seishindo combines the best of Eastern and Western practices.

In our work together we will focus on four things

1) Slow down!
It’s counter-intuitive, but when you’re in the midst of overwhelm, slowing down makes it possible to accomplish more. As you learn how to slow down, you discover a natural calm and confidence. Those who are calm in the eye of the storm are the charismatic leaders people want to work with.

2) Breathe and experience your whole self
Paying attention to your breathing and posture creates an entirely new awareness of your presence – the energetic message you communicate to others and to yourself. Your non-verbal behavior plays a subtle yet powerful role in how you’re perceived – and how you feel.

3) Build better relationships with your counterparts
Business relationships can be tricky at times. You need to express your opinions and be heard, while also coming across with respect, clarity, and solutions. Expressing anger and frustration will rarely get you the results you desire.

4) Appreciate all you do have
When you are feeling stuck it is very easy to focus on everything you do not currently have, while losing your appreciation for all you do have. Balancing the good with the not so good, is an important factor in keeping your career on track. You’ve probably tried some of this in the past, but you need to perform all four actions together before the magic happens. When you slow down, breathe into the power of your whole self, build better relationships and appreciate all you do have – you will operate from a place of deep, intuitive power.

You’ve probably tried some of this in the past. But you need to perform all four actions together before the magic can begin to manifest.

When you slow down, breathe into the power of your whole self, and embrace the paradoxes life presents – you’ll operate from a place of deep, intuitive power. And as you begin to do small things differently, you’ll start to notice that success is within your grasp.

You’ll have a deep appreciation for who you are, instead of trying to become someone different.

Life Coaching - Flow…go with the flow.

Our coaching relationship

In our coaching relationship I help you realize the gifts waiting for you on the other side of your problems. I help you listen to your body, discover your emotional understanding, and experience the depth and sacredness of who you truly are. And I teach you how to release and move with the intuitive knowing that’s been trapped by your resistance to change.

My coaching helps you realize you already have the resources you need to live the life you desire.

You will learn how to appreciate and calmly pay attention to all that you are and all that is possible – and discover how to join in heartfelt relationships with others.

And you’ll remember how to believe in yourself once again.

The more you’re able to do this, the more your problems will resolve themselves. Indeed, the more you focus on your problems, the more you obscure the solutions that are possible.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?Life Coaching - Mirror

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